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e-gpu solution using a zbox or similar?

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Hi. I'm looking for a portable solution for my desktop. I don't want to buy a expensive gaming laptop which will have heat problems while gaming, so I was looking for a desktop replacement that can fit a backpack.


So far, I find people talking about mini-itx computers. But these are heavy, and dont fit in a backpack most of the time (specially those squared ones). Also I would not be able to carry them during flights since the airport have restrictions on carry-on bagage weight.


I have been looking for nano-itx computers then. Barebones capable of having hdd, ssd and ram of my choice. However, there's a problem, most of these dont have good graphic cards, so I was wondering if I can have a e-gpu solution for games, alongside a mini graphics card. Checked for thunderbolt, but most of them dont have it. What barebone have thunderbolt or pci-express card slot? Will they work fine with a portable Gechic 15 inches monitor with hdmi? Can you recommend one that would provide a good solution? Mini-itx are still not portable enough.

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4 this to be very portable and fast look any barebone with TB3 google is ur friend here , as far as card best is to get gtx980/TI or if u can afford gtx1080/TI as they have best power usage to frame rate ;)

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