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15" HP 6560b + 760GTX@4Gbps (EXP-GDC 8.4d) + Win10 x64

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System details:


  • System:
    • Hardware
      • HP ProBook 6560b
      • Core i3-2310M
      • 8GB RAM (4+4)
      • iGPU Intel HD 3000
    • Software
      • Win 10 Pro 64-bit 


  • Additions:
    • Hardware
      • nVidia 760 GTX GAINWARD Phantom
      • EXP-GDC v8.4d Express Card version
      • 650W ATX PSU
    • Software
      • Latest nVidia and Intel Graphics Drivers
      • ******'s DIY eGPU Setup 1.3
      • DSDT Editor + Compiler pack


  • Boot sequence
    • Hardware
      • All systems off/offline
      • EXP-GDC Delay Switch set to 6s delay
        • Position 1 will cause BIOS freeze/lockup !
      • Self-made from half cutted HMI cable and empty ExpressCard34 slot with EMC ferrite filter on one end
        • This allowe me STABLE PCI-e 1x 2.0 connection (GEN 2 5GT/s) without know freeze due to bad original cable
      • PSU powered on
      • Laptop powered on
      • All systems on/online
    • Software
      • Update BIOS to latest version
      • On power on, hit Esc and enter HP BIOS Config
        • Set boot mode to Legacy (Not UEFI or Hybrid)
        • Set ExpressCard slot speed to Gen 2.0 (or higher)
        • Save and exit/restart
      • Windows is running in Legacy mode/MBR disk
      • Uninstall any previously installed graphics drivers from Programs in Control Panel
      • Use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean up any previously installed graphics drivers
      • Install nVidia graphics drivers
        • Device manager now shows the installed 760GTX, but with Error Code 12 (Insufficient free resources)
      • Perform a DSDT override. Refer to this topic where i took information for mine:
      • Install ******'s DIY eGPU Setup 1.3.
        • Preferably, extract the files and write to/setup a USB stick.
        • Boot from the flash drive and install.
        • Configure as needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC99rJOtioE
        • Make sure mbr is used instead of mbr2
        • Save startup.bat
      • Reboot into DIY eGPU, and load startup.bat
      • Then chainload into Windows 10
      • nVidia Control Center must now be active and the graphics card is ready to run games, CUDA applications, etc



No big issue till now, very happy to made a self soldered HMI cable that allow me to work in GEN2 ExpressCard mode (GPU-z tell me PCIe x 16 2.0 @ 1x 2.0 during 3dMark and Fraps benchmark)


  • Performance
    • 3Dmark 06
      • 10143 (SM2.0 4079, HDR/SM3.0 5030, CPU 2507)
    • 3Dmark (steam DEMO version)
      • Firestrike 3886 (24.81 FPS Gt1, 20.92 Gt2, 8.7 FPS Physx, 7.9 FPS Combined)
      • Icestorm 22488 (98 FPS Gt1, 98 FPS Gt2, 71 FPS Physx)


Unfortunately i have bad performance on benchmark (except Firestrike) if i made a comparison also on this Forum with other systems. I don't know if Opt1.2 use pci-e compression through HD3000 or is just a CPU limit that i reach. All test are made on internal lcd only (that is my focus now).


Does anyone idea why? Any suggestion?


Follow system screenshots and pics


Self made cable



System (3dMark06 score)






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Yeah, your processor is the weakest point in the system. The best performance for egpu provides i7 Quad Core. You should think about CPU upgrade.

You posted benchmark results - you tested on external screen (attached to egpu) or on internal screen of your laptop? 

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I am interessed only on internal display. But if i use external one should i have maximum performance (so limitation is sure CPU related?). Can i use this data to see if HD3000 compression is disabled or not?

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