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  1. Hello, is not possible to use internal LCD on this system, because hardware is first-gen Intel not supported by latest driver. The only way is to use an external monitor. In this mode it works without any problem. I bought a compatible Optimus laptop (HP 6560b) which is able to use internal LCD! Bye
  2. I am interessed only on internal display. But if i use external one should i have maximum performance (so limitation is sure CPU related?). Can i use this data to see if HD3000 compression is disabled or not?
  3. System details: System: Hardware HP ProBook 6560b Core i3-2310M 8GB RAM (4+4) iGPU Intel HD 3000 Software Win 10 Pro 64-bit Additions: Hardware nVidia 760 GTX GAINWARD Phantom EXP-GDC v8.4d Express Card version 650W ATX PSU Software Latest nVidia and Intel Graphics Drivers ******'s DIY eGPU Setup 1.3 DSDT Editor + Compiler pack Boot sequence Hardware All systems off/offline EXP-GDC Delay Switch set to 6s delay Position 1 will cause BIOS freeze/lockup ! Self-made from half cutted HMI cable and empty ExpressCard34 slot with EMC ferrite filter on one end This allowe me STABLE PCI-e 1x 2.0 connection (GEN 2 5GT/s) without know freeze due to bad original cable PSU powered on Laptop powered on All systems on/online Software Update BIOS to latest version On power on, hit Esc and enter HP BIOS Config Set boot mode to Legacy (Not UEFI or Hybrid) Set ExpressCard slot speed to Gen 2.0 (or higher) Save and exit/restart Windows is running in Legacy mode/MBR disk Uninstall any previously installed graphics drivers from Programs in Control Panel Use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean up any previously installed graphics drivers Install nVidia graphics drivers Device manager now shows the installed 760GTX, but with Error Code 12 (Insufficient free resources) Perform a DSDT override. Refer to this topic where i took information for mine: Install ******'s DIY eGPU Setup 1.3. Preferably, extract the files and write to/setup a USB stick. Boot from the flash drive and install. Configure as needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC99rJOtioE Make sure mbr is used instead of mbr2 Save startup.bat Reboot into DIY eGPU, and load startup.bat Then chainload into Windows 10 nVidia Control Center must now be active and the graphics card is ready to run games, CUDA applications, etc No big issue till now, very happy to made a self soldered HMI cable that allow me to work in GEN2 ExpressCard mode (GPU-z tell me PCIe x 16 2.0 @ 1x 2.0 during 3dMark and Fraps benchmark) Performance 3Dmark 06 10143 (SM2.0 4079, HDR/SM3.0 5030, CPU 2507) 3Dmark 11 P 4862 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/12025228 3Dmark (steam DEMO version) Firestrike 3886 (24.81 FPS Gt1, 20.92 Gt2, 8.7 FPS Physx, 7.9 FPS Combined) Icestorm 22488 (98 FPS Gt1, 98 FPS Gt2, 71 FPS Physx) Unfortunately i have bad performance on benchmark (except Firestrike) if i made a comparison also on this Forum with other systems. I don't know if Opt1.2 use pci-e compression through HD3000 or is just a CPU limit that i reach. All test are made on internal lcd only (that is my focus now). Does anyone idea why? Any suggestion? Follow system screenshots and pics Self made cable http://imageshack.com/a/img923/7227/HAZFW9.jpg System (3dMark06 score) http://imageshack.com/a/img923/9228/i6naTF.jpg
  4. Hello to everyone, i have a very strange behaviour of my system. Laptop: Acer Aspire 5745G CPU: Intel Core i5-450M, 2.4GHz - 2.66GHz boost (arrandale core) iGPU: Intel HD (1st gen) dGPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 330M RAM: 4GB DDR3 Windows 10 x64 eGPU: EXP GDC BEAST 8.4d (via mPIC-E) PSU: OEM power supply 300W/+12V/PCI-E GPU: Nvidia GT640 (entry level low power GPU, only for testing) My aim is to enable Optimus internal LCD with eGPU. First of all i had to find an unlocked bios to extend PCI-e bridge because with default bios system was unable to boot in any configuration and any boot sequence. After flashing unlocked bios and enabling PCI expansion, system is able to boot and eGPU is succesfully recognized by WINDOWS 10 x64 bit. I installed latest windows7 x64 Intel HD driver and they works good with integrated iGPU I installed latest windows10 notebook driver for GT330M I installed latest windows10 desktop driver for GT640. I need to disable via Device Manager the GT330M device, to avoid BSOD during boot with eGPU connected. If i connect an external monitor to eGPU, it works fine and opengl/directx works on eGPU without any problem (till now, i didnt made any stability test). But on Nvidia Control Panel Optimus option is NOT shown and it is impossible to use eGPU on internal LCD (that is very important for me). If i try to disable/uninstall iGPU driver, Windows10 boots normally (with bad resolution obviously) and ONLY in this case i can use opengl software to run with eGPU on INTERNAL LCD (wow!), like furmark. If i control gpu load with gpu-z i see that eGPU is 100% loaded, so very good result. BUT directx apps (like a simple game) does not works on eGPU and try to use always iGPU (also if Intel HD driver is NOT installed). If i reinstall Intel HD driver (and have good desktop resolution) is not possible to have eGPU to works neither in opengl nor in directx apps (furmark will load the IntelHD and i can see it during furmark test or with gpu-z monitor). So, it seems that i'm near to what i want to do, but i am not able to find a definitive solution. What i am missing? I followed lot of guide here on forum like .inf Nvidia driver modification to force Optimus = 1, modified Windows registry to point to nvinitx.dll as per FAQ suggestion, tried other driver version (older) but with worst results, and nothing, i cannot use internal LCD. One last thing: if i try to use older NVIDIA driver like 301.42 WHQL in this case i cannot load eGPU and i see an "error 31" on device manager (insufficient resources for API). I have egpu setup and i tried to run some "pci compaction" but all combination ends with and "unable to find a solution" error, so i cannot do anything to free resources (but strange is that happens only with old 301.42 driver, not newer). Is DSTS override my last chance? Help! Thank you
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