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Display and other upgrades for Latitude E6530?

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I was given a Latitude E6500 (woohoo! free laptop!) minus battery and with the 1366x768 LCD., and without the nVidia GPU. Scored a 9 cell battery on eBay for $15 so now it's portable. RAM is PC3-10700. 6 gig. Somewhere along the line someone swapped one of the sticks for a 2 gig. Service Tag info says 8 gig. CPU is Core i7 3540M. Already have Windows 10 on it.


I'm interested in doing some upgrades, most needed is a 1920x1080 display. I know I can swap a complete 1080p lid from another E6530, but to broaden the possibilities, what other models used lids compatible with this one? This is the main thing I want to do because my old MPC T2500 has a nicer, higher resolution display, though not quite 1080p. Alternatively, I can get a bare panel and the cable kit but yeowch, the price.


In contrast, mainboards with the nVidia GPU are plentiful and fairly inexpensive. Looks like they take a different cooler so I'd have to get that too. Can I use the current CPU on one of those boards?


If I have to get a different CPU to go with the nVidia board, what's the top one that will work, without any hacking? What's the top CPU for it as it is?


I'd like to do both upgrades for less than simply just buying an E3650 that already has 1080x1920 and nVidia. Either way it's going to cost a bit, but I'll most likely be using this as my main laptop for a few years. I've had the MPC for quite a while, bought in state police auction lot with several other Micron, MicronPC and MPC laptops. And I still have my old Acer Aspire 5315, which promptly got a Core 2 Duo transplant, bigger hard drive, DVD burner, and is now running Ubuntu.

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So you want to update your current device that is e6500. There are many small processes as below that update your device and make it run more smooth and faster then before:

Open an Internet browser to the, Dell Product Support Page.

Enter the Service Tag or Express Service Code of your computer and then click Submit to continue.

If the Service Tag is not available, either click Detect my Product or, refer to the Locate Service Tag page on how to find your Service Tag.

On the Dell Product page, scroll down and select Drivers and downloads.

Under Optimize your system with drivers and updates, click either Detect Drivers on the Guide me tab, or System Analysis.

Once the out of date drivers are indentified (if any), either click Download and install to install all the drivers, or click Show drivers and select the drivers you want updated and then click Download and install under for selected drivers.

Select where you want the drivers to be download, the default is the Desktop, and then click OK.

The drivers will be downloaded and the ones that can be automatically installed will be installed without any interaction.

Above method is for firmware upgradation for RAM update check Dell Latitude E6500 Manual. You may also get advise from Dell Experts regarding this process.

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