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Suddenly not able to lower CPU multipliers after doing a windows update (Clevo P151SM1B)

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This is for a Clevo P151SM1B.


Earlier today, everything was working fine. For years, I have had Intel XTU set my multipliers to 28x so it runs at a max of 2.8 ghz. I did a windows update, and one of the updates was a "Intel systems driver" : http://imgur.com/a/W7gpY.


After updating and restarting, intel XTU went back to default settings and would not load my old profile with the 28x multiplier. I was no longer able to lower my multipliers because the minimum multiplier had changed to 34x for 1 core AKA 3.4 ghz.




I could not find the "intel systems driver" anywhere under programs and features or "view installed updates". System restore only had 3 restore points, none of which was before the windows update (why?!).

After several hours of trouble shooting with Intel and Microsoft support reps via live chat, the response i got was :


Intel : The multipliers in XTU are controlled by your BIOS, if you cannot change it in your BIOS, then your BIOS might have been corrupted by windows update.


Microsoft : We can't find any windows update by that name. (I gave her the exact name as listed in the update history, but she said she couldn't find it).


I tried changing the multipliers in the BIOS, but I cannot decrease them below 34x for 1 core. I can increase them (and in XTU as well), but I cannot decrease them.


My normal core clock speed is 2.4 ghz but my laptop hits 3.4 ghz when the turbo boost kicks in, previously i had the multipliers decreased so that it would run at 2.8 ghz when the turbo boost kicked in, which was just fine for me.


Can anyone explain what is going on here? Is it even possible for windows update to corrupt my BIOS as the Intel rep suggested? That sounds very far fetched to me.

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