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All Promoted & T|I Elite Can Submit Articles

This announcement is no longer active


Starting today (12/27/15), all promoted and T|I Elite members will now be able to submit their own articles to the front page for review. This will give you a chance to write about something and have it exposed to thousands of readers that visit Tech|Inferno daily. Additionally, once you do contribute an article and it is approved by an administrator, your usergroup will be moved to "Contributor" status which brings additional privileges similar to T|I Elite. Those additional privileges are still in the works and when finalized, will be posted in this thread.


First and foremost, read our terms of service: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/ti-tos/tos/


Some rules in addition to the TOS to note:

  • All articles, posts, comments, reviews etc. must comply with our terms of service. 
  • If you are affiliated with any company, agency, service or commercial product, you are forbidden from using this privilege. You must contact Tech|Inferno for advertising fees and space. Anyone violating this policy will have their accounts terminated.
  • You are not allowed to copy/paste articles or works from other sources and must respect copyrights. Doing so will result in your suspension from these forums.
  • Anything you reference in your post must be given full credit either in the body of the article or at the end in terms of sources referenced with a hyperlink to that source.
  • Refrain from the use of BB code tables, you can use one or two if you must but don't go crazy with those. A better alternative is to construct a table in an external program and export it as a JPEG.
  • Do not go around spamming links to your articles on other forums. Sharing it on twitter or FB is fine, but don't hop on another tech forum and start spamming it. If we receive complaints from other administrators of you doing this, we'll revoke your right to post.
  • Articles must be relevant to technology (e.g. PC games, software, networking, computers, notebooks, graphics cards etc). Anything illegal or related to gambling is forbidden.
  • Be professional, check your grammar and spelling before submitting an article. 
  • If you spam a bunch of garbage articles for review and we feel you're doing this on purpose, we will suspend your posting privileges. 


How to submit an article video:


It is expected that you watch the above video to learn how to submit an article. All submitted articles must contain the following or they will be rejected:


  • Title
  • Meta tags (labeled as "Tags" under the Title box)
  • Content (obviously): Must be at least 150 words/2000 characters in length. 
  • Image - Choose Single File: This is the thumbnail image that viewers will see on the CMS index. Try to keep image size under 500px x 500px and size <200 KB. 
  • Appropriate topic selection that fits your article - we keep these limited on purpose. Only choose topics that fall under Front Page News


In topic selection, do not choose 'Promoted Posts' as that is a category only for administrator and moderator use to promote posts from the forum to the front page. If you do choose it, your article may be rejected from the queue. 



If an article you write receives over 1000 unique views, we may gift you with a $20 amazon gift card/certificate. This gift is subject to our terms and conditions. Any fraudulent views will be discarded and no reward given.


Lastly, follow this topic if you plan to be a regular contributor as we will continue to update this space.

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