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2012 rMBP eGPU on OS X - most games crash/quit on opening?


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Hi there, thanks to the help of this forum I've got as far as a sort-of-working eGPU setup on my 2012 rMPB (GT650m model) and am currently using a Zotac GTX 560ti 448 core for testing, with a PE4C V3.0 and a Sonnet Echo Pro Thunderbolt to Expresscard adapter.


It works in OS X and I can drive an external monitor. I have set the external monitor as primary and can run Unigine Heaven on the eGPU (and it does seem to utilise the eGPU, now). 


However! Most games I try to launch crash out immediately (the icon appears in the bar then disappears unceremoniously). For example, War For the Overworld and Habitat both do this. Others like Kerbal Space Program just hang on a blank screen, or Half Life 2 which just sits as an icon on the bar. It seems that anything that tries to run fullscreen just implodes; though some windowed stuff won't work either, I do seem to have slightly better luck with those. I haven't seen anything to suggest that this is normal... other people talk as if their eGPU implementations are working just fine? 


Is it maybe just the wrong graphics card to use? 

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Ok, so I tried switching from "NVIDIA Web Driver" to "OS X Default Graphics Driver" using the NVIDIA Driver Manager and that has improved things tremendously with many titles I try now launching. Still no War For the Overworld though, alas...! 

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