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Thunderbolt 2 eGPU [OSX] [Winsows 8.1] MXM or PCIe ($350 - $480 + Shipping)

Which additional format eGPU would you like to be available?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Which additional format eGPU would you like to be available?

    • USB 3.0 : PCIe 2.0 x1
    • Expresscard : PCIe 2.0 x1
    • M.2 : PCIe 2.0 x2 / x4
    • mPCIe : PCIe 2.0 x1
    • No thanks.good & affordable expresscard,mPCIe,NGFF & Thunderbolt adapters/enclosures already exist

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Trollinteemo, where are you gonna ship it from?

I am going to be shipping from the US however if you need it outside I can look at the potential ramifications of sending it individually as gifts (as I see that most companies do) which avoids the taxes of importing large quantities of stock.

- - - Updated - - -

Just two notes:

1: I attempted to add a not interested button (yet I have no idea as to how I would edit a poll).

2: I looked at what bizon did and I can understand the communities issue with this as he was basically selling the already existing product. However (although there is not much I can do to prove it), I infact created many of the advancements made on this forum related to TB in paralell (if not ahead in case of my osx software and windows compatibility software [without chainloading]). I understand this does not justify selling a product in your mind, however one of the huge problems I had with the community before I got here was the difficulty I had understanding existing advancements, which is essentially not needed if a simple installer exists. So in fact I would be selling more than just the products inside and my board, it would also be the understanding that it would work with little to no setup, which (from what I can understand) no product gives now.

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Ok, just a few updates.

1) new structure, I am now using a mainboard with multiple exchangeable daughterboards (different IO ie. thunderbolt vs usb3 vs expresscard)

2) amazing advancements in scalability (using multiple adapters or daughterboards to extend pcie bandwith) I can use two tb 2 boards to create x8 bandwith

3) created a semi-public asana roadmap so you guys can see what progress I am making (ask if you want an invite [include a gmail that you wish to have added], currently there is no way to integrate an asana dashboard into javascript or a forum)

So yeah, there are some pretty big improvements here and on the roadmap, I wish I could create multiple polls but for now ill just ask this here: Would you rather have the egpu be ~.5 in. shorter or have an extra slot for a daugherboard to increase bandwith ie (use two TB daugherboards for x8, use one TB and one expresscard/mpcie/m.2 for up to x7, use two usb 3.0 for x2)

note : if you havent seen the roadmap yet after all of the boards have been completed, I will be releasing a spec sheet with IO for the daughterboards (people will be free to create their own if they have the time/money/experience, if they would like after creation I would add their product to the site and they would get up to 50% royalties. This is provided that their board does not duplicate an existing board and it is relitavely innovative in some way.

edit : just remember, I am attempting to create an easy to use product that is a fully extendable standard. This is not a duplicate of existing products, it is a reimagination of what egpus could be while extending the market to those who may not understand how to dsdt or run freedos and navigate text menus, or edit kexts, or create a new efi partition for windows. In other words, NOT EVERYONE IS AS SMART AS YOU (dont feel too good about this, you are still surrounded by a group of equal any possibly smarter peers).

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