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#HELP : eGPU DSDT Override on 8570w and code 12

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Hey guys, i recently got started with getting an eGPU setup working on my HP Elitebook 8570w (Windows 10) . I am using the expresscard slot for the eGPU, as well as a GTX 650ti graphics card. Currently my laptop is running a QuadroK100M which is pretty pathetic. I got the eGPU to run, but my laptop does not seem to be running off of it and i ran into error 12.

I tried to disable my QuadroK1000M but that did not really do anything other than make games crash when i tried to run them.I have tried patch DSDT override but i dont have success. Can you help me patch DSDT override and setting egpu ? I hope to succeed as well as him with guide dgpu + egpu . I use PE4C v3.0 via Express card

thank you so much !




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You might need to purchase DIY eGPU Setup 1.35.  And copy your dsdt.aml file to your mounted Setup 1.35 drive config folder and load up the dsdt.aml file via DIY eGPU Setup 1.35 startup.bat.

This is the only way i got mine going, with error code 12 and DSDT overrides applied in both Legacy and UEFI boot.

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how do you get setup 1.35 to work in native uefi mode? the setup.exe says that it'll only work for mbr or *maybe* usb but you won't be able to do anything if you use uefi.

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