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Mac Pro late 2013.Is there any reliable way to setup eGPU under Bootcamp?

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System setup:

nmp late 2013, D700x2 GPUs, 20 Go RAM,

MacOSX Sierra, Windows 10 Anniversary edition under Bootcamp


eGPU setup:

Sonnet echo express III

EVGA NVIDIA GForce GTX 970, 4 Go


On the mac side, eGPU was installed without a glitch by running "automate-eGPU.sh".


Under Bootcamp, the GTX 970 appeared in Device manager, but with the dreadful "error 12".


Since eGPU-setup 1.20 or 1.30 cannot be used on Bootcamp GTP partitions, I first used the DSDT override method described in Techinferno forums,to extend the root bridge into 36-bit space, which indeed created a large memory entry in Device Manager, but was without effect on "error 12".


Then, with the kind help of *********, I used the method based upon Creating a textfile called "startup.nsh" in EFI root to enable VGA Output on the PCI bridge connected to my Thunderbolt ports



However, even after finding the adresses of AMD and Nvidia GPUs and testing number of modifications of memory's entries (eg mm 0001013E;PCI :8 in the example od Sheltoe), error 12 was still present.


With the kind help of *********, I also tried to disable and then re-enable Nvidia card as well as, one by one, the 5 PCI brige entries above it in Device Manager/Devices by connections, but here again without succeeding to eradicate error 12.


Finally, I tried the app "automate -eGPU EFI" developed by euqlaog  (https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10057-automate-egpu-efi-mac-bootscreen-on-egpu/). However, probably because I only had access to the demo version, the app did never let me to boot either in windows or in macosx.


So far,I am therefore stuck in the middle of nowhere. Since Apple has visibly no plan to upgrade nmp in a near future, I am pretty sure that number of nmp owners would be, as I am, very interested in getting a reliable way to get eGPU working under Boocamp. Indeed, nmp is still a very efficient computer, except for AMD GPUs which are now clearly outdated. So, if anyone has the solution, that would be great...


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Same problem here. Error 12. It says, I don't have enough ressources and should deactivate other devices. I guess it means that I should deactivate the built-in Radeon card. But I guess, when I do that, my iMac display will turn black, without the external display turning on, leaving me without any display, so I didn't try that one. Gladly, I use the boot camp only for gaming purposes, and for these, the built-in card does have enough performance. Could be more, but it's enough. I mainly need the card as a CUDA accelerator while working on MacOS. And that works. I even found out that, under MacOS, I just have to say "hibernate" to get back my full screen resolution. If I don't, I have only 2500x2500 or something. And I can only set one resolution for both displays, ie one gets huge or the other one tiny. I'd actually like to sue that Gravis guy who told me there are no compatibility problems any more concerning boot camp and yes, AMD graphics is just as good as nVidia. Shouldn't have listened.

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yeah, still very frustrating for Bootcamp users..especially because eGPU works flawlessly in macos Sierra...Compared to laptops with integrated Intel iGPUs, I suspect the problem in nmp in the presene of 2 AMD iGPUs which probably sucks a lot of ressources. I have tried to uninstall the one which is on the same Bus as the eGPU, but that freezes the computer and, on next reboot, both AMD GPUs are again enabled in device manager...and error 12 is also still present. A desperate solution might be to physically disconnect one of the 2 AMD cards (only one of them is currently used in macosX and in Windows if crossfire is disabled), but I have no idea if nmp would even boot in such conditions..So, to risky for me...

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