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Found 3 results

  1. I found this: https://photonicsguy.ca/projects/t530 It's a nice how to on altering the whitelist on the W530/T530 laptop.
  2. Hi guys, after a windows update my build stopped working. i've tried several times to reapply intel method on fresh windows 10 installs but i can no longer have the LArge memory area configured which is extremely frustrating, im on bios 2.67 is anyone else facing this problem rececntly? thanks for the help.
  3. Nando asked me to make a thread after I got my eGPU working so here it is. I'll be updating it later with pictures and more info, including more benchmarks. Components 15" Lenovo W530 (Nvidia Quadro K1000m, Intel HD 4000, i7 3740qm 2.7Ghz) PE4L-EC060A 2.1b Expresscard-to-PCIe adapter Sapphire HD 7950 video card @x1 2.0 (Gen2) expresscard bandwidth Corsair CX600 as a PSU cheap Rosewill Mini ATX case as an enclosure Win8/64-bit/Win7/64-bit (Dual boot, works with both) Installation Win8: The software part was a pain but I figured it out so you don't have to. After getting all the hardware working, I went into device manager and disabled the Quadro GPU. I then rebooted, and plugged in the 7950 while the laptop was off. I made sure that Windows didn't automatically install drivers for it. Then I downloaded the latest WHQL drivers for my card, rebooted, opened device manager and disabled the Intel HD4000 graphics. To switch back to either iGPU or dGPU, turn off laptop, unplug 7950, reboot and open device manager. Enable either dGPU or iGPU.You may have to go into BIOS and choose which GPU to use. (I need the Quadro for Solidworks when I'm not using my 7950, so that part is important.) Anyway, that's it. Win7: Same as above, except both GPUs need to be enabled at startup to work properly. An interesting note, on Win7 I can have my Nvidia dGPU running my laptop screen and my AMD eGPU running my external screen at the same time. On Win8 it's one or the other. Benchmarks My card is overclocked to 1150/1600, but I've only run a few benchmarks. Metro LL scores me at 37.4 fps average. For comparison, I saw that similarly overclocked 7950's scored about 40 fps average in a desktop, so performance loss is not as much as I thought it would be. These benches had two purposes, one for the info, and two, to show me that my overclock is 100% stable. Overall I must say, I'm very pleased with performance. I saw some of my scores around those of 680 eGPUs. Summary for comparison against existing implementations being: DX9: 3dmark06=22138 DX10: 3dmkvantage.gpu=28265 DX11: 3dmk11.gpu=8753 DirectX9 DirectX10 DirectX11 Metro:LL benchmark Unigine Heaven 4.0 Here is a screenshot of somebody else's 7950 at the exact same clocks that ran the same benchmark (Heaven 4.0 DX11 maxxed). My score was lower, it was exactly 82.6% of the performance as the desktop counterpart. This goes to show that bandwidth benchmark is about what was expected (~80%, I'm sure more tests would show a bit more variance). GPUZ screenshot showing my overclock, max temps, etc. I actually overloaded my PSU on that run, it's a CX600 with only 46A on the 12v rail but when gaming it doesn't exceed 45A Pictures This is my setup A closer look inside PE4L 2.1b
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