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Found 4 results

  1. Sometimes, our Computer becomes very slow and gives tough time to make work on it. This makes slow because of hard drive holding the plenty of data, files. So, to make faster speed clear the some space. Some background applications or programs running make computer slow. Remove or disable any TSRs and startup programs that automatically start each time the computer boots. Scan for Malware and Adware, if your system infected by them. Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use
  2. Hey guys another topic from me...... Best Voice Chat For Gamers. A friend and I have just stumbled across a nice little program called DISCORD.... Now for clans i can see this being really helpful, We can start our own voice server give it a nice pic and get a clan chat happening you can Evan create invites that expire or dont expire... its great im still new to the program, but from my experience its so straight forward and works great you can evan get the app on your phone to stay in touch whilst your not gaming and your friends are. Alot of gamers are turning to this nice piece of software so i hear.... Now here is a direct link : https://discordapp.com/ Get into it guys have a go see what you think and i want to hear all about it. If anyone knows what language its written in and The pros and cons of not just DISCORD but all gaming chat software get creative and reply to this topic i think it will be a good one !!! Cheers guys !!!! have fun and Game on !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I came across this program " Read & Write Everything" @ https://rweverything.com While looking to raise the thermal throttling on my very old ASUS G51Jx-A1 Notebook PC - Intel Core i7-720QM that throttles at 65 degrees C. It always ran hot. But with this RWEverything I was able to turn the fan on full, constant which helped the throttling but not over 65 degrees. I am looking at this program and it seems complex beyond my knowledge of the internals of PC programs. But I think someone on TI might be able to make some sense or find some use of it. If anyone knows of any bugs or anything about it, good or bad, because I am going to try to investigate it more to see if I can raise the Thermal throttling to about 80. any feedback would be great.
  4. I've noticed it's difficult finding a comprehensive guide online for overclocking and monitoring the GPU respective to the M14x so I've comprised one of my own. It's important to note that this discussion strictly involves overclocking the GPU and not the CPU. Using the built-in Turbo Mode or other CPU overclocking software is officially NOT recommended in this thread. CPU overclocking has been known to cause serious overheating and even permanent damage to the physical composition of the laptop. In addition, most who have overclocked the CPU have noted that it does not significantly increase gaming performance and is not worth the risk. What this thread is not. A place to discuss CPU overclocking or compare benchmarks. What this thread is. A comprehensive guide on overclocking and monitoring the GPU of the M14x and related discussion. Feel free to share information about different software tools and configurations you have used for overclocking and monitoring your GPU. What overclocking/monitoring software have you had experience with? What are the pros and the cons of each software tool you have used? Once I have verified your information, I will add it to the OP. Overclocking/Monitoring Guide F.A.Q. Q: What is overclocking? A: Overclocking is the process of running a computer component at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was designed for or was specified by the manufacturer. (Thanks wikipedia!) Q: Is overclocking safe? A: It depends on your definition of safe. Generally, it will not blow your computer up if done properly but will shorten the lifespan somewhat depending on how high you overclock it. It's usually safer to OC the GPU rather than the CPU. Overclocking the CPU is much more dangerous and is therefor not covered in this guide. Using the following tools will normally not harm your computer HOWEVER going beyond the limit of most of these tools can potentially harm your PC. That doesn't mean that there aren't cases of simple overclocking harming a GPU or PC overall. It happens but it is extremely rare. Q: But don't I have to overclock my CPU and my GPU to get MAXIMUM PWNAGE PERFORMACE?!?! A: No. It has been thoroughly tested that for gaming (which is what most of us use alienware's for), overclocking the CPU does not produce significant enough results to be worth the risk. Q: Well I want to overclock my CPU anyway! How do I do it? A: Go away. Q: Okay so I'd like to try overcocking my GPU. Where do I start? A: First off, try playing the games that you want to play on your system as is with your desired settings. In many cases, overclocking isn't even necessary and you will get great framerates with the default settings. In this instance, overclocking really isn't worth it. Q: My games aren't running at my desired speed. Let's do this! A: Okay. Check out some of the tools below and choose based on your personal preferences and suggestions people have made. You're going to want at least 2 tools. One for overclocking and monitoring your GPU and (even though you're not overclocking your CPU) a CPU monitoring tool. CPU monitoring is still very, very necessary when overclocking your GPU. If you want to use multiple tools to utilize different unique functions, feel free but generally most people want to compartmentalize the process as much as possible. Q: What do I need to look out for? A: Start off slow. Don't max out your clocks, max out in-game graphics settings and hop on Crysis 2 for 8 hours straight. Be nice to your M14X. It is a beast but it is a cute and cuddly beast. We must treat them with care. Slightly increase your settings, load your game for 10 to 20 minutes, and monitor your temperatures. Rinse and repeat until you've found your comfort zones. The preferred CPU temp is 60-80°C. 80-90° is generally doable but anything above 90° is not recommended for non-advanced users. So far for the M14X the sweet spot is 750mhz core clock, 1500mhz shader, and 1080mhz memory clock. Anything above that, enter at your own risk! Q: So what type of results should I be getting? A: Here are a few graphics to give you an idea of what overclocking should be doing for you. Q: Okay I'm feeling froggy! I want to flex my stuff and post some benchmarks. What do I do? A: Hold your horses young buck. There's a thread for that. Overclocking/Monitoring Tools Nvidia System Tools pros: All in one GPU overclocking and monitoring tool. Made my GPU manufacturer, is safe and stable, has fan controls and basic system health monitoring. cons: limited in overclocking M14X GPU Nvidia Inspector pros: GPU overclocking tool with "unlock max" which allows you to maximize overlocking performance and basic system health monitoring. cons: Can't control M14x fans. (Please verify) MSI Afterburner pros: GPU overclocking tool with built in real-time onscreen monitoring of clock, voltag, temperature, fan speed, and framerate. Has built in benchmark and screen capture tools. Great reporting system. cons: Has overclock limit for M14x and some have reported glitches. Benchmark has been known to produce unreliable results. EVGA Precision pros: GPU overclocking tool with monitoring including GPU temp and usage percentage. Can apply new clocks at startup. cons: Cannot control M14x fans. "test" tool doest work with M14x. Riva Tuner pros: cons: outdated HWiNFO pros: Has advanced system health monitoring (temperature, voltage, fan, and power) and controls fan speed. cons: ThrottleStop pros: Great tool for overclocking and monitoring CPU with multiple profile settings. cons: Core Temp pros: Simple, compact, CPU monitoring tool that displays temperature and usage for all cores simultaneously. cons: GPU-Z pros: GPU monitoring tool that displays GPU temp and clocks. cons: Kind of pointless if you're using one of the better GPU overclocking tools but for those who want separate GPU monitoring this would be the tool. (If you have used other software, feel free to mention it. I will add it to the list.) note: All the opinions regarding each software tool is pertaining to performance with the M14x and the M14x ONLY!
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