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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: Any mod presented in this thread may or may not violate your warranty contract with your manufacturer. Proceed with caution! Bplus seems to have discontinued PE4C v2.1. That means that there is currently no pnp hardware available to achieve the x2.2 link. here Check the newbie guide for all the tweaks on the E6430 by badbadbad... NEWBIE GUIDE TO TWEAKING THE DELL E6430 ...or below for individual guides: Dell References Dell E6430 Setup and features, Manual, Drivers Schematics Discrete Graphics & UMA Performance Boost Guides * Use UEFI variables to change many hidden BIOS options - How to make a permanent boot option to EFI Shell guide here (thanks @kondilac) Set specific multiplier values (for +400MHz i7-37x0/38x0 or up to the cooler ability Extreme CPU i7-39x0 OC). i7-3720QM example over 4GHz. Guide here by Tech Inferno Fan-Khenglish. On some occasions this will only work with an unapproved power brick. Otherwise you will be TDP limited. Enable XMP (eXtreme Memory Profiles) to OC RAM speed and timings here. Performance results here. Everything regarding RAM tweaking variables in this post with explanation (thanks @kondilac) Lower TOLUD value to allow dGPU and eGPU or multiple eGPU solutions without need for compaction. Set iGPU to enabled after booting with eGPU connected here. (thanks @sangemaru for testing) Set your EC port to gen1 to use with older hardware that would work with x1.1 signals only here. Overclock iGPU Intel HD4000 for up to 21% performance gain here RAID0 / striping enabling to achieve up to 1GB/s R/W times here (thanks @R.O.G.) I found this manual that gives explanation, what most of the UEFI variables do. * Battery Life tweaks - idle at 7.2W for dGPU model and (maybe) 5.4W for iGPU model * ME Firmware mod to allow BCLK overclocking (~5%) here * Use PnP memories with JEDEC timings @ 2133MHz to OC RAM. here. Performance results here. * Cooling mods in order to avoid thermally introduced throttling when OCing (Dewos & and timohour). * Overclock dGPU core and memory for up to 35% better performance than stock here. eGPU Guides * Unlocking flash descriptor and setting a x2 2.0 [8Gbps] for eGPU here. Trivia Guides - Tips * Connect 3 external screens on a Dell Latitude E6430 using docking station here * Change the BIOS options within windows using the Dell Command | Configure tool and reboot to apply. (thanks @kondilac) * Reveal hidden BIOS settings! (thanks @xsmile) Settings in this menu display all possible options in a human readable form and you don't have to deal with hexadecimal numbers. E6430 Systems user CPU RAM Storage iGPU/dGPU eGPU other kondilac [email protected] 16GB@2133Mhz CL10 L 250GB SSD iGPU x1.2 GTX 560Ti CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings, Docking Station captnastro [email protected] 16GB@1866MHz CL9 L CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings badbadbad i7-3840QM (QCF1) 16GB@1600MHz L 500GB SSD & 2TB odd caddy dGPU x2.2 GTX 970 900P,odd caddy, BCLK OC, newbie guide sefki21 i7-3840QM 900P, BCLK OC, OSX Tempest i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@1600MHz CL10 1TB SSD & 750GB odd caddy iGPU GTX 750 2GB 900P, CPU multiplier unlock, odd caddy, custom RAM timings sangemaru i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@2133Mhz CL12 L iGPU@1450MHz R9-270x CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings, iGPU OC viilutaja i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@1600MHz dGPU GTX 670 CPU multiplier unlock Dewos i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB dGPU GTX 660 CPU multiplier unlock hairentin i7-3740QM 16GB@2133Mhz CL11 L dGPU miros220 i5-3340M 16GB iGPU GTX 960 damiancho i7-3740QM 8GB dGPU GTX 960 ast i7-3630QM 8GB 240GB SSD & 1TB dGPU GTX 1050Ti 4GB PJ²³ i7-3610QM 8GB@1600MHz 240GB SSD & 1TB odd caddy iGPU GTX 670 οdd caddy carrretero i5-3320M 8GB iGPU@1450MHz timohour i7-3720QM@4,08GHz 8GB@2133MHz CL12 128GB ssd dGPU@882MHz/2092MHz R9-280x 900P, CPU multiplier unlock, BCLK, iGPU/dGPU OC R.O.G. 8GB@1600MHz L 2 x PM830 RAID 0 raid 0/stripping guide theClassicaCat HD7950 x4 2.0 custom project skillz iGPU To be continued...
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