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  1. 1 minute ago, SnJAe said:

    I have exact same setup as you do, but I rarely gets successful bootup. I get black screen no matter how many tries if I turn on the macbook with thunderbolt cable plugged in.

    I've been trying this for two weeks, so please, if you can help me with this.....


    What version of nvidia driver do you use? did you update your windows8.1? what version is your osX? and your setup worked on both external drive and internal ssd right?


    My driver version is 368.1.


    Maybe you can try this way.    

    Without Thundercable plug in, and turn on the MacBook with pressing option key. Then, plug in the thunder cable while you press "enter" to win 8.1. If you fail to load windows 8.1 two times in a row, you will need to go through the windows auto repair.   Timing is easy to catch. I can make it 3 over 5 tried. 


    Good luck

  2. Hi all,

        I have my egpu working consistently in the last couple days. I want to share my experience to you guys. I hope my experience would help you to solve your problem.


       First of all, I find out Windows 8.1 perform more consistently than Windows 10. I think Windows 8.1 could solve many issues such as black screen and infinity wheel spin.


       This thread inspired me to set up my hardware. 



      According to my experience, Windows 8.1 would be work either Win to Go(Exteral Hard Drive) or Bootcamp (Internal SSD).



          AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box

          EVGA GTX 1060 OC single fan 

          ITX Power Supply 600w



         Step 1 :   Run Windows 8.1 and install Bootcamp

         Step 2 :   Power up Egpu and hot plug thunderbolt cable to Macbook

         Step 3 :   Let windows detect the egpu plug in (check device manager) (for more detail check the thread above)

         Step 4 :   Install the Nvidia graph card drive,  but do not click "Restart".   I prefer to "Shut down" manually.

         Step 5 :   Keep TB caple plug in and power up macbook.  Also plug in external display to the Egpu

         Step 6 :   It should be work!



            After you install the graphic card drive,  you need to shut down the Macbook correctly at least 1 times before you plug in the Egpu.

            For example, 

            Your got black screen/wheel spin.  Then you need to unplug the TB cable, and then let macbook loggin to MacOs/Win 8.1 and press the shutdown button.

            After Macbookturn off, plug in and load to windows 8.1.


        Hopefully those process would work for your Macbook. Good Luck.









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