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  1. I would not upgrade to F.66, because it would not allow you to downgrade to F.21 e.g.
  2. works fine for quite some time with the help of Notebook Fan Control, where my profile allows passive cooling up to 78 degrees Celsius (no problem surfing the web, office etc.). Very rarely on youtube the fan is on for some seconds. The internal 2.5 space is empty and the ssd is in a 2.5 inch dvd bay.
  3. The HP BIOS Configuration Utility HP BCUallows to set the boot device manually: My boot ssd is in a 2.5 inch dvd-bay (very cheap aliexpress bay, no problems yet) Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot Disable *Enable
  4. For my 2560p with i7 2620 (Windows 10), which I got very cheap I have run fan_30pct and it worked better than without it http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/hp-2510p-owners-lounge.352887/page-33#post5638409 (a big thank you to the programmer!) But the noise of the fan is very annoying, even if the speed is low. So I have simply removed the fan for the present. The door is removed as well the dvd-tray. The 2560p is on a docking station and the temps are ok (surfing about 60 degrees Celsius and the other temps about 50 degrees Celsius) Rightmark rpm panel to set the minimum cores to 5%. Hi Shikyo "cut out hole on service door under fan and add black steel honeycomb mesh (never done, need right tools first) find a cooling solution, either one short server heatsink or just a big piece of copper to fit on top of the heatsink. possibly tall enough to touch service door to use it as well." Are you happy with the effect? " Expresscard 34 to USB 3.0x2 card" Which one did you buy? Hi Andrew479 "Basically the idea is this: 32x32x2.5mm copper shims on the heatsink to enhance its heat soak abilities 200x100x0.5mm copper mesh to help spread the heat across lower area near the service door - it's quite convenient as you can thermally join the laptop base with it. Holes in service door in fan and optical bay area - should help the system breathe & direct the cool air through the hot mesh which in turn improves the cooling by a lot." Have you got any experience with it now? I wondered to install a Fischer profile like http://de.farnell.com/fischer-elektronik/sk-81-75-sa/strangk-hlk-rper-100mmx75mmx15mm/dp/1211716 in the DVD tray and to use a heatpipe to connect it to the present copper on the cpu. But I don't have a clue how to do it.
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