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  1. I decided to let the computer without the battery for 10min : the m4 was detected when I booted in the BIOS so I was able to perform the firmware update.

    Now it's working flawlessly :encouragement:

    But I really don't understand what happened ... :suspicion:

    Thank you for your help !

    Update :

    I tried to flash the unlocked BIOS but unfortunately, as I already have the stock v2.07, the InsydeFlash utility keeps telling me that the BIOS i'm trying to flash is not a newer version ...


    Do you know if I can do something ?

  2. then update your firmware... Sold State Drive (SSD) Support

    select on this page your product, the ''Crucial m4 mSATA SSD''

    then scroll down to ''Firmware Update 07MH''

    download the firmware ''Manual Boot File for Windows and Mac''

    under the download button is a simple installation guide, step by step for updating the mSATA SSD in DOS.

    *the update should also works if the BIOS doesn't recognise the ssd.

    I already tried it when I read your first message but the DOS utility is unable to detect the SSD ...

    I tried disabling the UEFI and using the SATA Compatibility mode but it's still not working ...

  3. Hi everyone :surprise:

    My Y580 doesn't recognise my mSATA SSD since this morning ...

    I tried on an other computer and it's working perfectly so I'm pretty sure that this issue is BIOS related ^^

    Yesterday I decided to get back from the unlocked version of the bios (2.06) to the stock 2.07 because I had no need of the advanced fonctions.

    It worked well and I was able to use my computer all the night before turning it off.

    So I thing the stock BIOS can't handle the mSATA SSD.

    But, since i can't boot on windows anymore, I was wondering if it was possible to flash the 2.07 unlocked bios using the DOS flash tool ?

    The only problem i see is that the 2.07 is a .rom file whereas the flash tool need a .bin file ...

    Any help apreciated ;)

    Thank you !

  4. I don't think this is a good idea : there is already a bluetooth 4.0 broadcom chipset which is integrated (as the 2200n doesn't have bluetooth 4 ...).

    So if you install a 6235, you'll have two bluetooth devices : the intel and the broadcom ...

    A 6205 seems to be a better option for me :encouragement:

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