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  1. Is there any particular reason why you are using the PE4H over the PE4L? Assuming I am looking at the correct E420, you have a second-gen i-Series, therefore it should support PCIe 2.0 through your ExpressCard slot. It might be just me, but people who use the latest PE4L ver 2.1b have fewer problems on newer equipment that those who use the PE4H. I cannot really help to fix your problem since I have the PE4L. Maybe check in the Setup 1.x that you have established a G2 link (assuming it supports it). That alone helped the performance on my setup significantly. Hopefully nando will chime in seeing he is more versed in this matter.
  2. I should probably mention I am running the stock EVGA GTX 660 Ti without any overclocking or anything of that sort (not even the factory OC version) I am running these with my laptop closed (to disable that display), and running Windows 7 Basic (disable Aero). I still have two external monitors hooked up. 3DMark is running on only one, the other is just the wallpaper, nothing else running. 3DMark06: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm06/16927753 (any reason why this seems really low?) 3DMark 11: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/4629225 I will update this as I run other benchmarks. Not sure what this is about, I guess I'll check for another driver update or something. 3DMark says: Graphics driver is not approved
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Well, for some reason it works flawlessly now, really fast, etc. tbh, I re-arranged it to the above but was never able to test (had to go to class), I just stated the issues I had before I re-arranged it. Glad to see it was this easy of a fix. I think I will stick with this instead of trying to perform the DSDT method. My DSDT file is chock full of errors, and even with various guides I cannot find how to fix them, Setup 1.x is good enough for me! I'll stick around and hope to help others (hopefully), thanks for your help nando.
  4. <wall of text> I am now having an issue when I run startup.bat my computer reboots. Here is my current file: call speedup lbacache call iport g2 1 call iport dGPU off call vidwait 60 10de:1183 call vidinit -d 10de:1183 call pci call grub4dos win7 Is there some glaring error? If I understand correctly: call speedup lbacache - to speed up boot time (not sure about details) call iport g2 1 - force G2 link on my port (eGPU is port 1) call iport dGPU off - disable dGPU call vidwait 60 10de:1183 - part of the compaction process (?) call vidinit -d 10de:1183 - no idea, guessing the compaction process call pci - initiate pci.bat, part of the compaction process it seems call grub4dos win7 - chainload to win7 (I have a hunch this might be where the error is located) For the chainload, when it was set to: call grub4dos mbr It went to the grub command line and did not even go to the choose OS or anything. When I select chainload win7 from the menu, it goes to my OS selection (Windows 7 or Setup 1.x). The same occured if I chose chainload mbr, but I was hoping it would boot straight to Windows 7. There may be an issue because I use Windows 7 Enterprise, but I am not certain. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. Thanks for your help. </wall of text>
  5. Perfect! I have everything setup now, I certainly noticed the difference between the G1 and G2 link when playing Just Cause 2. G1: Textures and such - High High res shadows - off Bokeh filter - off Water modeling (or w/e it is called) - off x4 AA x8 AF After establishing the G2 link, I was able to change the setting to the below and still have a higher framerate (read: silky smooth) G2: High res shadows - on Bokeh filter - on Water modeling - on x32 CSAA x16 AF (essentially everything on and maxed) Surprisingly this was only game I had to turn the settings down on, Skyrim, Crysis 2, Borderlands 2 I could all play on max on a G1 link with great performance. I want to give Sleeping Dogs a whirl but I'll wait for a sale. Is there anything I have left to do? Or things I can do for optimization/increase boot time (other than 'call speedup lbacache')? Thanks for your help nando!
  6. Is this something that has to be set every boot? Also, I added everything via F3 to the startup.bat however when I use this, it goes to the GRUB4DOS and not the the MBR or Win7. I see chainload at the end of the startup.bat list but I'm guessing it's the wrong one. What is the correct command to use? I have access to the .bat file within Windows (mount the eGPU related stuffs).
  7. Pretty sure this means I only have a x1.1 link (seeing it doesn't match Redletter's) I took this while running some games, it did not kick up to x1.2 link. Suggestions?
  8. I disabled the NVS4200M, the GTX 660 Ti remains in x1.1 link even when running a game. I will try more games though. Do I hit F3 before hitting 'Chainload MBR' / is 'Chainload MBR' included as part of the startup.bat? So would my initial setup be: dGPU off, PCIe compaction iGPU and eGPU, Hot reset eGPU, hit F3 ? I have it on an SSD will it be under 3 seconds? (Not really important, but curious) Thanks again. Have you tried just using a normal PSU to see if the card work/act normally? If you 360 PSU is being difficult you might try a PSU from a MicroITX computer. They are roughly the same size. I am actually using a MicroITX case (but a normal power supply). I dunno, just a thought, the MicroITX computer/case I am using is small enough for me. I'll get pics if you want to see. (Still have to finish up on it though, making it look pretty.)
  9. Thanks, I'll check that out while running a few games. Hopefully you will get your issues sold, and it is just a bad video card.
  10. My setup is as follows: Fujitsu T901 (2620M, NVS 4200M, 8GB RAM, 60GB Intel 520 SSD, 500GB 7200RPM Toshiba) w/ EVGA GTX 660 Ti connected via PE4L v2.1b I have it hooked up to two external displays (so internal + 2 = 3 displays total). I have no issues with setup other than the common error 12, but Setup 1.x fixed that. Everything runs as it should, I can run Skyrim, Crysis 2, Borderlands 2 all on max settings. However, I do have a few complaints / questions. Setup 1.x says I have a x1.1 link. What is the difference between x1.1 and x1.2? How do I go about getting a x1.2 link/is it worth it? I have not found much detail on automating the Setup 1.x process. I currently have to disable my dGPU, run compation on my iGPU and eGPU, hotreset my eGPU, the chainload and boot. I'm sure there is a way to automate, how to? I was hoping to avoid using Setup 1.x after having the issue of having to boot and setup my eGPU each boot. So I attempted to perform the DSDT override. The DSDT that I have has a heap of issues, and even after spending hours on it, I have not been able to clean it up. Googling resulted in nothing. Anyone good at fixing DSDT files? Is there anything else I need to check out or any other information needed to finalize my setup? I have everything enclosed in an Acer Aspire AX1430G case. Since I'm using a normal desktop power supply, it hogs up a lot of space inside, but it works well. Plus I have room to add a hard-drive and hook that up as well. I must thank you nando for your writeup. I have gone through it multiple times since April. I finally decided to give it a whirl after the Kepler series came out. I'm glad I did.
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