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  1. @Dschijn:

    I use Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 750W and this riser.

    So far, there are no big problems but some small flaws.

    My EVGA GTX 970 FTW has coil whine issue.(a little bit)

    My Akitio circuit has high pitch noise.(a little bit)

    I am considering to connect a Molex cable directly to the barrel input and disconnect the power cable on the riser.

    @Tech Inferno Fan:

    Thanks for the information.

    And I still have a problem of booting from osx to windows. Sometimes, my internal screen is light on but black. And I have to reboot again and again until it goes into windows. I already installed the Optimus and my win8.1 pro is UEFI. Any advices?

  2. @Dschijn:

    Thanks for the information.

    I am still confused about the 25w power limitation of the Akitio.

    Does the limitation come from the 60w adapter or the circuit board ?

    Now I use PCI-E riser with a Molex power cable which is connected to a desktop PSU.

    The eGPU system works fine except sometimes I get black screens (screen is light on but black) when switching from OSX to WIN.

    I want to improve the power supply part of my system. Do you recommend to adjust the Molex power cable to connect to Akitio's barrel input instead of connecting to PCI-E riser?


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