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  1. Nobody is using an additional cooler underneath the MBP? @jcagara08: Giving the MBP a little more space underneath is sth. everyone should do under heavy load.
  2. @goalque: Reducing the clock speed or the turbo is not exactly what I had in mind ^^ But of course, thats a solution as well.
  3. How is your experience of a 15" i5 or i7 MBPr during gaming load in Windows? I would guess it get's pretty noisy. Are you running that MacBook on a "stand" for fresh air underneath it or maybe sth like a notebook cooler with a fan underneath the MBP?
  4. The HDPlex needs a powerfull notebook powerbrick which are quite expensive. Something like 250-300W PSUs for Alienware notebooks.
  5. Looking good. Regarding the PSU, a DC-ATX Converter might be interessting. With that you will "just" have another external PSU: HDPLEX-250W-Hi-Fi-DC-ATX-Converter (16V-24V Wide Range Voltage Input) & Amazon.com: Dell AC Power Adapter Charger For Dell J938H Laptop Notebook Computers (Flextronics Flat Version): Computers & Accessories That Converter should fit into the enclosure. Will give you a nice clean look. What kind of fan is in the front? 80mm? Maybe you can use a pice of cardboard to guide all the air to the GPU.
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