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  1. Tony did you tried to revert to original bios to see if that works???? At least your machine is booting mine is stuck on a black screen T_T

    I cant get the laptop to stay powered on long enough to run through the BIOS update again. I can run step1 and then when it boots back into DOS, I cannot even type 'step2' before she shuts herself off

    It's almost as it a temp sensor is going into panic mode and shutting it off. Same 15 seconds of power everytime

    I think I'll need a new mobo which is not cheap! **** mobile gaming. I'll be building a PC next

    Good luck with yours mate

  2. Flashed your new v2 BIOS for NP9377 now my machine just randomly shuts off after around 10-15 seconds. Sometimes it gets to Windows. But then black screen, following by keyboard lights off and then fans off.

    Any thoughts?

    Sorry to bump but has anyone got an idea? Thanks

  3. I wondered if anyone else had come across this problem with a laptop other than a NP9377

    I have posted there but that's limited to NP9377 owners :50_002:

    Laptop in sig

    Flashed v1 Prema BIOS a while to help with throttling. I live in New York. It's crazy hot here

    I was getting random BSODs with the std BIOS so that's why I upgraded it

    Then started getting them again. Have a Coolermaster U3 so temps were fine

    Prema came out with v2 so flashed that. Followed instructions

    Now laptop won't stay on for more than 15 seconds

    It even shuts down when in the BIOS

    It sometimes gets to Windows and takes 5 seconds to shut down again

    Shutdown - screen goes off and keyboard lights go and fans stop


    - Clearing CMOS (overnight disconnection, power drain for 30s using power button, AC only)

    - Both sticks of RAM (which doesn't say RAM has not got both dodgy module)

    I also cannot get back into flash as it shuts down even when in DOS

    Anyone had this before?

    I have a support ticket in with Eurocom where I am expecting them to charge me to sort the BIOS flash if that's the problem

    Thanks in advance

    (Please move if I have posted in the wrong forum)

  4. Prema: In MSI AB I currently don't have voltage control or fan control. I figure flashing with the OC 1.1 BIOS will give me access to the voltage. But will it give me access to fan control also? Or is this centrally controlled along with the CPU fan on my X8?

    Forgive the noob question but I am new to high power Notebooks

  5. In a word. No.

    More detailed answer - if you can get the heat under control, you can raise the TDP and current limits until they don't throttle anymore. Realistically, that's not possible without serious hard mods of the machine and liquid ultra. If you set your TDP to 90W and give it 150A, most 4940MX chips with do between 4.1GHz and 4.2GHz on stock voltage, however, they will run into the 90s and be at risk of throttling due to thermals at 95C. Liquid ultra can help but only so much and some loads will still blow past that 90W limit which will cause it to throttle and if you're going to raise the TDP that high, you might want to consider a second PSU and the converter box to run 660W to it, especially true if you plan to overclock the graphics card at all.

    What I found is that setting my chip to 80W TDP and 4.1GHz with 150A current limit will result in me averaging 3.9GHz under heavy load (the stock behavior of my particular CPU is to fall down to 3.4Ghz with a heavy load) and between 4 and 4.1GHz with gaming. This required liquid ultra and resulted in average load temps of 89C.

    Right now I'm just running it stock with an 85mv undervolt for 3.6GHz under load... Liquid ultra is a pain in the ass and not worth the risk to my machine. Basically, the 4940MX is a huge waste of cash in the SM-A. The only machine that seems to be able to handle them properly was the Alienware 18.

    Useful info, thanks :)

  6. Added the Premo BIOS to my new Eurocom X8 based on the P377SM-A. I have to admit, my bum was twitching but the instructions were superbly clear. Thanks Prema. If I build up enough courage then I'll flash my Gcards

    Is there a way to remove speedstepping to force a constant frequency on the 4940MX? Is it simply to disable speedstepping? :)

  7. Heres my Alienware 14


    What notebook cooler is that?

    This is exactly the setup I want to have. External monitor + keyboard + mouse for gaming. Simply dock the laptop after a long week on the road :)

  8. Not Eurocom specifically, there have been issues with the new nVidia cards. Happens with any new video card but you want to test it before you push them with a vbios mod. The biggest issue seems to be coil whine but there are at least three cases I know of where the cards are running much hotter than they should. I happen to have a pair myself.

    Understood. I'll probably take the weekend then to play some games and check on whine and temps. Fingers crossed

  9. After you have verified that there is nothing wrong, yes. There have been QA issues popping up. Make sure the system is performing without issues before you flash mods and of course make sure you back up your stock vbios.

    QA problems with Eurocom...? gulp!

    Advice noted. Thanks

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