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  1. Hi guys, 


    my current 7970M has died and so I want to get a 8970M to put in my P170EM but the 8970M I want to buy doesn't have a vBIOS installed.


    My question is do I need PREMA's BIOS to make it work and where can I find a vBIOS for the card?


    I've read through numerous threads in here but can't really get the answer I'm looking for.  Anyone sitting on some answers?



  2. Hi Prema. Awesome work you're doing!

    I have a similar question as flex has. I've looked through the changelog but can't seem to find anything about unlocking discrete mode with the P170EM. I'm running a AMD 7970M with Intel's HD 4000 iGPU. Is it possible or am I way out?

    / Kriss

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