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Enabling x1.2 without DIY eGPU Setup?

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I have a T420 (i5-2540m) without dGPU hooked up to a GTX 950 with PE4C v3.


Everything is working currently, but the results seem lackluster.  My Firestrike score is 4229.  Looking at other systems using the same CPU, the highest I have seen is 6000~.


GPU-Z reports that my system supports PCI-E x16 v2, but is currently running PCI-E x16 v1.1.


I have checked my BIOS and the only PCI-E option I can see is: use "Gen 1" or "Automatic" detection, no Gen 2 option specifically.


Will I have to use DIY eGPU Setup to enable x1.2 speeds or is there a way to force it to happen?

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You have to make the GPU do something in order to make it run at x1 gen2 speeds.


In GPU-Z there is a question-mark next to the bus speed indicator. Click it and it will give you a menu to run a short render test. This will make the GPU "wake up" and run at x1.2.


The "automatic" option in BIOS basically means "Gen2 if available, otherwise gen1".

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I forgot to mention that I ran GPU-Z and started the render test, it read x1.1.


An interesting thing I noticed: rebooting my system and checking GPU-Z, the connection reads x1.2.  But as soon as I start the render test, it drops down to x1.1.  I also ran Firestrike while it was in x1.2 off a fresh reboot, and my Firestrike score was similar to before.


So it's capable of x1.2, detects x1.2, but drops to x1.1 while in use.  I do not understand why it would drop to a lower speed.

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