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Does anyone else here use BOINC on their laptops? I've got one with BOINC installed and it is running both World Community Grid and MilkyWay@home work units.

In case you don't know, BOINC allows you to volunteer idle computing time to do tasks for a certain project that would otherwise take a supercomputer if it wasn't for network computing. Most projects only utilize the CPU but some of them like MilkyWay use your GPU as well.

Some advice for laptops especially that you can feel free to take or leave:

Don't allow BOINC to run while on battery power.

Throttle your usage to 80-90% maximum to prevent overheating, lower if heating is really a problem (I also use an active cooling pad).

Some general advice:

Don't run too many tasks or you can miss deadlines (ya, I did this once....)

Check in every now and then to look for stalled work units, and don't be afraid to abort them if you find them

I find that BOINC is a great way to put an old laptop to work on if you have that beloved gaming laptop that served you well for years and you don't want to see it go.

What are your BOINC experiences, advice, and general tips?

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