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Windows 10 Clean Install Clevo P570 WM

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Hello guys, my first post here and hoping somebody might be able to help me.

I have a Clevo P570WM that I have had numerous problems with over the years, but always managed to work through them and find a fix.


My most recent one though is a bit of a disaster and my lack of expertise / patience has left me in a bit of a predicament.


A corrupt AMD graphics driver install was the start of a downward spiral.

I suspect I had a dead CMOS battery (approx 6 years old :) )

The laptop had been inexplicably dropping GPU drivers for a few months if I am honest, I just chose to wipe / reinstall the drivers to get me up and running about once per week.

Anyway, the last time I did this, something a little different happened and my display froze.

Upon rebooting the computer, same happened again.

I tried to use my Windows 10 installation USB to repair/ revert to a restore point to no avail.

It was not even possible to start Windows in safe mode.

Then things deteriorated a little more and the BIOS screen would not even load. (A flickering screen of lines was all I could get on the display)


I bough a new CMOS battery (x5 for £150) and did a full CMOS reset.


This gave me my BIOS screen back, so all was not lost I thought ?

Windows , would still not load / repair and was stuck in a terminal loop of some sorts that I could not interrupt , even using the 'forced' repair method restarting the PC three times etc.

I changed the boot sequence in BIOS to boot from the Windows 10 installation disk and it still would not work.


So.... fearing the worst, I put a copy of DBAN on a disk and cleaned the hard drive (hoping I would then be able to do a clean install.


Still when I try and install Windows 10 I get a blue screen of death and the laptop restarts.


Is it possible to do a clean install of Windows 10 straight onto a new / clean HD ?

Do I need to upgrade the BIOS to be able to do this ?


I have been running Windows 10 on this machine for several years now and can't remember if I was forced to do a BIOS update in order to install it initially.

(I don't get as much time these days to play about with computers as I used to)


Current BIOS Version: 1.03.06

KBC/EC  Firmware Revision: 1.03.03


Intel I7-4930K CPU @ 3.4GHZ


Still a useful machine when working, I'm close to deciding to just replace it, but would still quite like to repair it and get it up and running again.


Any help appreciated.

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I managed to fix this ... (sort of )

I used Microsoft Media creation tool to download Windows 8.1 (original operating system for the Clevo)


I burned the disk image to DVDR, using another laptop.


When I attempted to install Windows 8.1 instead of a blie screen of death,I got a useful error message informing me that my Windows could not install to MBR partition and required GPT.


So, I made a bootable USB and used Diskpart in MS DOS to change the drive to GPT.


Windows then installed from the disk I made using the media creation tool.


I figured, that Windows 10 would now install from the USB drive it came with when bought, but still it went to a Blue screen error.


Not accepting defeat I downloaded Windows 10 from Microsoft and used the media creation tool to create an installation disk for Windows 10.


I installed Windows 10 to the second hard drive and was quite pleased I temporarily had two versions of Windows workin.


I purchased some new RAM of the correct spec to tidy things up a bit.


I still had a problem with the graphics cards though.

They were not recognised properly in device manager.


So I did some research, flashed the GPU firmware and bricked the GPU's


Quietly confident I can recover them though with some gadgetry that is on the way in the post.


Not sure why I go to such lengths to try and keep the old Clevo alive.


Living the dream.

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