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X230T + GTX 1070 TI PE4C 3.0 Error 12 or HDD0 not detected

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Dear TE


I've just bought a 1070TI (and it's not working as intended) to replace my GTX 970 egpu (which was working just fine).


Most topics I've found address error 43 caused by the drivers, my problems seem to go a little deeper:


First, my machine is x230T i7 3520M, with 16 GB of 1600 MHz Ram. My egpu is 1070Ti 8G with PE4C3.0 with EC connected at pcie port 3, the port is hot plug capable (if that helps).


Previously with gtx970 my EGPU booting procedure looked like this: 

1. Start PC

2. Plug in the eGPu at system selection screen

3.Run DIY eGPU by ****** (I still use 1.30)

4. Run PCI compaction (56 gb endpoint) (did the DSDT override for previous eGPU)

5. Run test startup and chainload the system partition  - then wait a bit

6. Black screen - reboot

7 First reboot fails, the laptop shuts down sharply

8. Turn the laptop on again - success - EGPU detected and working properly.


(if something goes wrong and eGPu is not allocated properly - HHD0 doesn't get detected, which is solved by resetting SATA to Compatibility and back to AHCI in BIOS


Now, well... none of that works, i've cleaned the old installed the latest drivers and ******'s error 43 registry fix on top of that, but I can't get to error 43, with egpu plugged in the system either start ignoring my HDD0 or gives me code 12 ond at this point I'm a bit at loss for the next step.


What am I missing - please help.


Have a better day.




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