I have been trying to find a way to control fans on my y510p. As everything else failed up to the Embedded Controller (EC), I have made myself a program to call dust removal function. With a help of this forum members, I have perfected calling and stopping timing which works on my computer. Basically, running Furmark, if I do not run this program, I constantly run into 97C and thermal throttling for my GPU (see Mhz of core and memory): And when I do run this program, it manages to keep temperatures at 88-93C and there is no more throttling in a long run. Usage: run the program and it will enable dust function when you reach GPU/CPU temperature of 90C. Or Start/Stop it with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q or through menu on tray icon.   Download: IdeaFan v1.6 (includes OpenHardwareMonitor beta) So far, this has been tested on 2 computers (y510p Win 8.1/Win 8.1Pro/Win10). Both with Lenovo Energy driver v7.x and v8.x. I have tried it for both 2xSLI and 1x GPU, also for CPU stress tests or simply during high CPU usage, i.e. rendering videos. Feel free to use and leave some comments that it can be further improved if possible.   Danger! Do not use Furmark to stress your GPU unless you know what you are doing. I have used it here for testing purposes only. And here are possible improvement requests for the fututre: