Hello everybody, After being scammed with a GPU, testing this on two more laptops, spending 3+ weeks trying to figure this out just to find that the PSU OCS SXS 600W it somewhat faulty and i have been scammed with it too ... It turned out my configuration is as simple as plug-and-play. My laptop: HP ProBook 4540s - i7-3630QM 2.4Ghz - 8GB RAM (2x4GB 1333Mhz) - AMD 7650m dGPU/HD4000 iGPU - Windows 10 64bit My eGPU: - R9 280X Vapor-X 3GB GDDR5 - EXP GDC Beast - Fortron FSP 750W - external LG FLATRON W2442PE 24" (1920x1080) Picture: Configuration: I did not use Setup 1.x at all, my card is well detected, everything seems to be fine out of the box. The Intel card gives error 12, but who cares... i just disabled it. Here are the steps I have taken: - Dont plug the EXP GDC to your laptop yet - Uninstall the AMD drivers - RESTART - Boot Bios - Disable "Switchable Graphics" this will disable the integrated 7650m - Restart - Shutdown, plug in the EXP GDC in the mPCI-e (Turn on The PSU) - Boot Windows (EXP GDC starts powers the GPU as soon as you press the power button on the laptop) - Install latest AMD drivers. - Reboot, and voila there you have it!!! Benchmarks: 3dMark 2006 - 23165 3dMark 2011 - 9585/P8667 3dMark 2013 - 7575/(6525) I am monitoring the Wattage at the PSU plug: Windows normal usage: 20-55W 3dMarks: 100-200W Heroes VII: 200W Furmark: 330W Many thanks to Nando for his advice and his 1.3 setup, when i have time i will try to do DSTD override and play more with some of the Setup 1.3 settings.