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  1. Yes, yes thank you I got the idea Maybe i will buy a programmer just for the sakes of trying Few days before i brick it I tried to unlock the flash descriptor, but the lanes on the chip are so tiny and could not succeed with a tiny wire. A 10$ programmer as you mentioned is a good alternative. Will you share where you bought yours? I also have the original bin.
  2. I am not quite sure... mine does not kick in the fan full speed. The fan is Off for some time then when the cpu gets hots turns on on low speed. Which indicates that the mobo is operating mostly as it is supposed to. When i remove the CPU or the RAM the lights blink with the corresponding error codes. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19496714 Ordered a cheap Intel only mobo ... and realized that the dGPU cooler won't fit
  3. I have two of them (both laptops have very similar behavior, no matter the operating system or the EFI vars set to the primary display etc.) one is 11/2012 the other one is 12/2013 (both have dGPU) ... just burnt one of the motherboards (just did a processor swap, nothing too complicated) and it never powered on the display again The power button lights up... the HDD icon lights up for a second and then goes off and nothing happens. This does not match any of the error codes. And few days ago i tried to unlock the flash descriptor ... didn't burn it back then ... but just now ... with this simple procedure. Needless to say i tried swapping the processor several more times, tried different ram modules, reset the CMOS, nothing helped. I feel like the unluckiest person ever... At least i found a mobo for 35$
  4. OK, finally i found some time to share my eGPU experience with the e6430 and EXP GDC beast 8.0 (probably faulty)... Took me weeks and a lot of wallbanging... So what is my final Working setup: E6430 connected via EC to EXP GDC + r9 290 Tri-x (set to gen 1 via EFI vars) connected to 24" monitor LG via DVI (NOTE: The monitor is also connected to the HDMI of the laptop // dGPU disabled // It does not work if the HDMI cable is not connected as well - BSOD, black screen, crashes, restarts) Gen2 leads to crashes in games and BSODs. I also have a mPCI-E cable which crashes even more (both cables have been foiled with aluminium and then plastic) I also have GTX 970 ... bought initially as an eGPU ... first took me a week to get it running as it was reporting error 43 ... until i found by chance that it will work if the HDMI cable is connected to the monitor ... Constant crashing in Gen2 ... and now i found it also crashes in Gen1 as well... And i never had any issues with my HP 4540s (For 6-7 months it has not crashed even once with R9 280x working in Gen2 with the very same adapter + mPCI-E cable) (NOTE: and i didn't have another connection from the laptop to the very same monitor I tend to have very bad luck with hardware and software all the time, but i always get it to work in the end... As the same/similar behavior is reported by @Dewos @sangemaru I do NOT recommend the use of EXP GDC with this laptop I was getting 10-11k Firestrike Graphics scores with the GTX 970 (no OC-OC with Gen2) Now i am getting again 10-11k Firestrike Graphics scores with the r9 290 (no OC-OC with Gen1) P.S I am now happily mining ethereum @ 30MH/s while at work
  5. Did anyone found a way to completely disable the dGPU ? I know someone almost bricked his laptop using UEFI vars. I also cannot use the 1.30 setup now as i am stuck to EFI windows part of my 1+ week testing and trying to connect GTX 970. It is running now but crashing constantly like crazy. EXP GDC Beast 8.0 EC (with foiled cable mod) also have the mPCI-e cable ... crashes even more (Before it was rock solid with R9 280x) These nVidia cards are very sensitive to the quality of the link ? Any suggestions? Tried different windows (7/10) tried different drivers ... tried disabling the dGPU iGPU (now both disabled)... Optimus off ... dGPU disabled by disabling that Xeon.... system device. I am desparate. Thinking of buying PE4C ... think the Gen3 won't work on the E6430 though but even that if the gen2 link is stable.
  6. Wow this laptop is full of wonders I was able to boot and even make some tests with single channel RAM set to 2400 MHz So far i have never had problems with Dual channel set at 2133 MHz @1.35v directly as JEDEC (2x Crucial 8GB @1600MHz - - CT102464BF160B.C16) the cheapest RAM i could find ... I found some XMP profiles set to 2400 and decided to play a little bit further. Single channel is able to run some tests but gives blue screens and fails after few seconds of Prime95. Dual channel does not boot Tried 2400MHz (1.65v/1.5v): @11 13 13 31 50 361 7 16 9 9 @12 13 13 31 50 361 7 16 9 9 @13 13 13 31 50 361 7 16 9 9 @11 11 11 11 50 361 7 16 9 9 All fail Prime 95... played with other timings but no luck. BTW the CPU runs stable at 4x3.8GHz (3720QM QBC1) for higher frequencies it needs more voltage (And as timohour & Khenglish pointed out cannot be altered ) Too bad I bet this CPU can do 4.5GHz. Cannot wait to buy video card and play with the eGPU once again ( i had for a while but I sold it shortly after i bought this laptop)
  7. Yes, look page 3 near the end... but first you need to unlock the flash descriptor.
  8. Thanks Khenglish i will look into it. Setting additional voltage through Trottlestop does not work ... still searching the IFR for the right variable.
  9. OK found the issue ... I set the multis back to 40x/39x/38x/38x started Intel XTU and measured 110W at the power plug ... which equals ~90W as the PSU is rated. The Benchmark was TDP trottling. The "CPU package power" went up to 53W+
  10. The 3720QM ES (QBC1) won't go for 41x even for 1 core... at 40x while benching i get hardware errors. Still cannot figure out why... Maybe the power supply is not enough or it does not like the heat. Will test more today. Also i am not quite sure it measures the Voltage correctly as i think 1.09 is too low for 40x. IS there possibility OS/drivers to be the problem since i replaced the working 3720QM ? Here is the SS as promised.
  11. Thank you! Actually it uses very low voltage for 40x ~1.09V (will post pictures later as i am at work) and draws ~47W max ... the PSU is 90W (Nvidia model). Already ordered 120W universal PSU to avoid throttling as suggested. I observed erratic throttling using different benchmark tools. Temps were OK ~90c Will experiment more with the UEFI variables. BCLK will be nice if i have the time. I am running the RAM at 1866Mhz (was not able to push it to 2133) 2x8GB Crucial (ct102464bf160b)
  12. Hey guys I got 3720QM ES (QBC1) i was able to get it to 4x4.0Ghz (40x/40x/40x/40x ~8200 points in 3dmark2006 processor) setting UEFI variables but anything more than that causes windows to freeze while loading... I tried Intel XTU but the multiplier sliders are gray and if UEFI vars are not set the multipliers are 32/31/30/30 (other people also reported this for this particular CPU. Do you know a way to push that further? I read the whole thread. Big thanks to @badbadbad, @Tech Inferno Fan, @Khenglish, and @timohour I followed some of their guides. Know that i will have throttling issues and so on but could not find if setting higher multis is possible. BTW i have the latest BIOS A18 do you think that will be a problem as well? Will i be able to flash an older "unlocked"/modified bios?
  13. Upgrade your bios to F.60 A 15 Jan 2015 http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5229456&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4132 It does not give you any graphics settings ... HP bioses are locked. You can only disable "switchable graphics" this will disable the dGPU 7650M if you have one. Some laptops do not have it.
  14. As I previously explained it is as easy as plug and play. Connect the EXP GDC to the laptop (not sure if it will be as simple as that with other connectors such as PE4L, but i assume so) Then when i power up the laptop it automatically turns the eGPU. When it loads windows the eGPU is detected in "Device Manager" as "unknown video adapter" (this is only before i install the drivers). Tested it both on Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you have some problems update your bios to the latest version. Write here what is your configuration etc. what are your problems. Never had any issues with it regarding video playback or gameplay. I have some issues with the sound sometimes as my external monitor has speakers and the system sometimes gets confused and plays the music from the laptop instead from the monitor. Also the screen on the laptop is always lit and never goes completely dark. When the monitors are turned off and i wake up the computer first the laptop screen starts showing the content but then very fast switches to the external monitor. So far i have played Heroes VII, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, NFS Rivals... all maximum settings and absolutely no issues. Also tested with 3dMark 2006, 2011, 2013 and Furmark.
  15. You can use Nvidia GPU. No problem with that either NVidia or AMD. With nVidia you may be able to use it even on the laptop screen. Btw was able to upgrade the laptop with SSD 240GB and 12GB RAM (11.6GB). The 2TB HDD i put instead of the DVD in a SATA caddy. It seems all the 4540s laptops have some glitch with RAM greater then 8GB so if you want to upgrade to more than 8GB open a command prompt as administrator and enter this " bcdedit /set {current} removememory 256" source: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Boot-and-Lockup/Performance-degrades-in-Probook-4540s-after-memory-upgrade/td-p/2268503/page/4

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