I'm now working on getting more fresh air on my Thunder3 chassis.   I ordered some dissipators and applied them to the Thunder3 PCB. I drilled the front face of the chassis and fixed two 60mm NF-A6X25 FLX fans.
For them to turn at full speed, you may want to unsoldered the two little "things" near the FAN connector and solder a bridge using a wire for it to distribute 12v.
Now I have two fans running full power and I find it really noisy... Next step is to use two NF-A6x25 PWM instead and use the 4 pins connector to connect those fans to the GPU fan using the PWM wire.
If I'm right, my two fans should turn at the same speed as the one on the GPU. (goal is to reduce noise when GPU isn't turning fullspeed).   Stay tuned !
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