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  2. Hey all. I have an E6440 with dGPU. Desperately trying to get the eGPU working on a PE4C v3.0 (set at max delay for both switched- setting 3) with a RX460 4GB card. I can't seem to shake the Code 12 issue in Win 10. I've used DIY 1.3.5 and disabled the dGPU, set to 36 bit and compressed eGPU only. Nothing seems to work. Anyone able to get an AMD eGPU running without going the disable DSDT override route? Thanks! Quick update. Tried a GTX 950 and can get that to a code 43. Used the patch to address this, but immediate BSOD. Not sure what's going on there either. Almost want to just get the non dGPU motherboard and avoid all of this!!
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  4. Klem

    ACER E5-553G, E5-523G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hi! Well, I checked your file, in your bios AMD-V technology already enabled.
  5. Neel12

    ACER E5-553G, E5-523G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    hi, i need your help for unlock amd-v in my acer e5-421 this is my var file below Thank you .. vars.zip
  6. Your laptop is based on a different motherboard, with no removable CPU, etc. Most mods should work but you should investigate further.
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  9. Use these mini audio cables to connect computer speakers, microphones, headphones and more. Order the best headphone extension cable online now!
  10. Not sure how the files are linked it says i need to download bootable_disk.zip as well to flash, and what do i do with prr2.zip and FPT_DOS.zip?
  11. Henrik9979

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    You can make a thread with a mod or idea you have. It could be custom painting your Alienware or experimenting with cooling. You can see if some of my threads could give inspiration.
  12. Ahh got you thank you so much! what about the FPT tools ? they show me 404 as well. I tried FN+F7 it does not switch my GPU still, and when i head into my BIOS , ther is no discrete graphic card detected / shown
  13. Henrik9979

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    https://www.techinferno.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11973 This is the download link. If you can not use it, it is because you have not made enough quality posts yet. (Read the rules) A think you can try is pressing FN+F7 The exact function is unclear, but it should switch between IGFX, PEG and SG. You need to restart each time. Also you need to have installed Alienware OSD (on-screen-display) and Alienware command center for it to work.
  14. Can you please unlock all the menus on my y50-70, backup here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgNLY7yTQ04PhZZUO5VBjI25pv_C6Q?e=lHlzyk
  15. Hello thanks so much for the prompt response! 1.) the link to download A05 BIOS on the first page 2.) I think i am using 580, nvidia 3.) Yes it was working before, not sure when it died when i upgraded my windows to 10 or BIOS 4.) Sorry I have not tried changing as I cannot download the A05 unlocked BIOS
  16. Henrik9979

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    1. What link is not working? 2. What graphics card are you using? 3. Have it been working before? 4. If you are going change the bios, change it to an unlocked bios and set the primary display to PEG and see if it works.
  17. Hi I am having issues with my Alienware M17x R4, it is not detecting my discrete graphic card. Currently on A14 BIOS Will the rolling back of Bios to A05 aid with it? And the link in the first page isnt working :(
  18. mikmaze

    12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    and now the deal is over and it is back up to 108...........
  19. ElChuterRD

    Clevo P65 RS-G Throttling Issue(Intel core i7 6820HK)

    I have the Same problem. any solution?
  20. Hello! Might be a long shot try to revive this but... I just bought a 8970m for my alienware M17X R2, but its been stuck at 450/300 all the time, already installed new Windows and checked power options but i can´t seem to be able to change the clocks. Any tips? Already flashed the card with 2 diferent bios aswell without sucess increasing clocks.
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