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  4. Hi all, It has been a while since I did anything to my laptop (Clevo P670RG-G) and since I recently got a VR Headset I wish I could overclock my GPU a little. So far the NVidia software (on windows) doesn't allow me to overclock it (the linux sort of allows, which some custom Xorg options) so I decided to give a try modding the vbios. I read all sorts of issues / guides about it, and it seens that the hardware topology (where the vbios is stored and how things are connected) changes from machine to machine. What I know about my laptop is that it has two VBios, one for Hybrid Mode and one for Discrete Mode. I'm currently running the discrete mode. I dumped my VBios using GPU-z and opened up in Maxwell II Bios Tweaker. Everything seens fine so far. So I have few questions about it: - There is a way to just unlock the VBios to show the overclocking options in NVidia software? (That way I dont need to reflash to change clocks) - I can just flash this GPU-z dump to my VBios? - If I brick my GPU, that GPU-z dumped image is the raw SPI image, so if I managed to physically access the VBios, I can just reflash over it? - I saw some people saying that I might need as well to flash the main laptop bios as well, is that really needed? Thanks! Lucas
  5. I don't remember, but you can try it personally. If video playback work, it reduce the gpu performance for gaming, but if it doesn't work, it should get a better and nice performance. If you try it and video playback doesn't work but you only want video playback work, reply my, and i will be working on it: Win 8.1 x64 with video playback drivers...
  6. Followed your instructions but nothing is happening. Also it seems the caps lock light is on and won't turn off by pressing the caps lock key. Is that trying to tell me something?
  7. Download drivers: http://bit.ly/2w5hYYsF Download this file: http://bit.ly/2Rw8ONm And then you must continue from the second step to the last one.
  8. You should follow those steps: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/12377-way-to-make-intel-uhd-620-graphics-driver-to-works-in-windows-7-no-crash-in-video-play-back-3d-function-normally/&tab=comments#comment-168268
  9. I have Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p Bios 3.08 Intel Core I7-4700MQ HDD SR1000LM14-8SSHD-8GB HDD SAMSUNG SSD 860 PRO 256GB Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M When I connects to router I have 60-65Mb. The connect is stable. But when I do not uses laptop (for example 2 hours) WiFi speed decreases Max 30-35Mb and not increases when I start uses laptop. I have to make manualy reconnect with router, and I have again 60-65Mb. Where is the problem...? I have driver Intel:, Windows 10 x64 The drivers from M$ working the same bad. How I can resolve problem? Only update BIOS on 3.5 MOD can resolve it? My laptop is compatible with this BIOS?
  10. Hi Klem, Could u unlock my BIOS? I want to unlock all hidden settings, vbios and remove whitelist. Thank you so much https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YIoaD6Og8qIWKcOCerswPo3gpKaS2oKn
  11. Hello, any chance i can have my bios done aswell? Remove whitelist lock for wifi cards, and unlock and hidden menus and so on. Download link https://ufile.io/wfzx9pb9 Thank you in adavnce.
  12. Swung Huang

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    I’m terribly sorry, but I think I couldn’t make it. The cabled version I made have a terribly high failure rate and I don’t want to ship faulty adapters to you guys. If you really want the cabled version, you may wait longer and I will increase the price to 175USD. I’m terribly sorry for that. And if you don’t want the cabled version any more, please contact me by email and modify your requests in the spreadsheet.
  13. Today i finally tested memory modules with 1866 MHz: i7-3820QM + SK hynix HMT41GS6BFR8A-RD (+ThrottleStop with multiplier 35T - 3.5GHz on all cores). This modules have balck PCB. At previous page i replaced screenshot with AIDA64 by new one. I re-runned this benchmark also with ThrottleStop. 1. Memory really working on 1866 MHz; 2. Better Read\Write\Copy (because of higher frequency); 3. Not much performance diffirence (because of high timings. if calculate latency - Ramaxel - 13,75ns, SK hynix - 13,93ns). Also there was few problems. After i installed SK hynix one of the module incorrectly identified in AIDA64 - missed half of model number (HMT41G). Crashed and don't responded TouchPad (re-boot didn't helped). Later i switched to Ramaxel to confirm that TouchPad didn't died and installed SK hynix again, but in diffirent slots and everything was normal. Don't know why this happened. Maybe because SK hynix modules a bit thight fit in slots. I also try to find 2133 MHz module. But interesting thing... only Kingston have such product, but i didn't founded any information about JEDEC standard timings of DDR3-2133. Only DDR4-2133.
  14. No, you need to completely disable laptop (Power of). Then press and hold F2 button, then start laptop ( after laptop starts, F2 button still hold 3-5 sec). Then release F2 button, then press F9 button, then Enter button. Then press F10 button, then Enter button. Done.
  15. By any chance did anyone create a Yx01.bin crisis file for the 3.05 bios mod?
  16. Sorry. I keep thinking about a thread about dude putting a 780m into laptop like mine. I suffer from hero complex.
  17. If there are extra things.... Ya gotta reconsider. Re-think. SP
  18. Hola! If your model came with 1600 or 1920, you can do that as long as you have skill to replace the panel. Again, it's not that difficult, you simply have to be careful. Not native English? I want to help. If you can put replacement, you can also put in upgraded screen. It's all the same. Screen replace is screen replace. If connects, it connects. SP Forgive me if I misunderstand. If it connects properly, golden. SP
  19. LeviK

    Potential Bottleneck??

    I would say that the bottleneck wouldn't be that big, considering it's the mq, and two 770Ms will provide enough power for at least 60 FPS in a lot of games I would figure. I'm sure you'll get bottlenecks above that that are cpu-based. So OC forever man! Let that system run as fast as it can!
  20. I went through the steps you suggested. I held the power button down till it power cycled once. Then did the F2, F9 enter, F10 enter. I still don't have a screen but I believe the bios is now reset since I get a short PC beep if I connect or disconnect power,
  21. stretchyplastic

    Crackling Speacker Sound Audio HotFix

    That's great! I'm glad you found a fix that worked! SP
  22. LeviK

    PREMA bios P775TM1-G

    My apologies for not seeing that before. Thanks for the article.
  23. stretchyplastic

    Potential Bottleneck??

    Howdy, Please take this reply with due amount of salt... I'm a desktop type. I'm basing my RE off my #2 rig, FX-8120 which your i7-4700 can probably mop floor with, hands down. Currently a solo OC 290x but used to push 2x heavily OC 7950s. Upper end 280x range. Never had a "bottleneck" issue. IMO, that i7 should be fully capable of outpacing 770Ms. All day. *As long as your system is configured right. And your power brick has enough umph. Let me know how it goes. I'm new here and haven't figured out how to fully use site. Feel free to PM me. SP
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