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  2. Hi @Klem, could you unlock my A13 bios please ? the unlocked bios is linked to the service tag ? Thanks you https://www.sendspace.com/file/44pr0c
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  4. As much as my research goes, the 4900mq has the same TDP as the 4700mq which some z510 model has. I'm also thinking of replacing the old panel to a FHD 120/144Hz panel as well. Will this one require a BIOS unlock or a whitelist removal?
  5. Yes. But i7-4900mq will generate significantly more heat and the laptop may overheat.
  6. So I can just put it in and it will work? Any ideas who might have done the same here? Btw, the y510p has an i7 4900mq variant and an i7 4700mq just like the our z510.
  7. Hi! For upgrade your CPU from i7-4702mq to i7-4900mq you don't need unlocked bios. There are no CPU whitelist.
  8. Hello Klem, Could you please remove the whitelist(WLAN/WWAN/LCD Panel) and unlock advanced menu? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFGZSqkLGbJY9FC2vELfknjnSeOz3mg2/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  9. Hi, I want to upgrade my CPU from a Core i7-4702mq to a Core i7-4900mq. Same socket. Same chipset. My concern is, will the whitelist removal allow me to easily swap between these two without problems? Thank you!
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  11. Another pathetic attempt by Razer to gain a foothold in the laptop market, the most worthless company. I don't want to offend anyone, just my opinion.
  12. Hi. I dont found your setings can you help me? Wery need your help. drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EJHCSKFeEFE8_QYxHqSOtmPmVLSm3N9V/view?usp=sharing thx
  13. @Swung Huang do you have any adapters or just the ultrabay connectors left, I am Looking for one and wanted to see if you had some left overs that you want to get rid of (ideally just the ultrabay connector for a diy board)
  14. Hi, I bought a Lenovo G580 2689 second hand without WiFi card, and was struggled 2 weeks now to found a compatible wifi card till I found your forum. Any help should highly appreciated !!! Bios Download Link is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/je3mj4
  15. Hi @Klem could I ask you to unblock the k2100m voltage? that is version from dell BIOS Thanx!
  16. A faulty power brick messed up my bios I guess, I replaced a blown capacitor but voltage quicly dropped as I tried powering up the lap top, that probbably did a number on my bios. Yesterday I got a replacement power brick (3 weeks later as is not a comon model in my country) and while the laptop powered up, the screen was not showing the logo (scary) only the functions bar and the fan was powerig up. followed your steps and my old and beloved GT 70 dominator is alive and well. I already replaced my gaming laptop (I entered panic mode inmediaty), but now that noble beast will serve my wife perfectly (hopefully for another 5 years as I have 3 HD in raid and just 3 months ago expanded to 32 gb of ram) . "Hi, what do U call "the motherboard's battery" ? thanks!" for anyone wondering the motherboard battery is the connector next to the fan (the one that is not the fan ofcourse) . I owe you a beer Sr.
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  18. Hey Klem, Could you please remove the whitelist of this ROM and add the additional options. Thanks Here's the dump https://www.mediafire.com/file/3aeolgkjyzccgnq/dump1.bin/file
  19. I changed my primary display to SG and switched integrated graphics device to enable (I think this broke it...). Ever since I switched those two settings my laptop just wont show bios nor boot. Is there a way to get into the bios? Or flash it? I have the 120hz 3d monitor
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