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Is my 680M in my m17x r4 dead? And what can i do besides buy a new card.

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I have been playing overwatch like crazy the past 2 weeks on my m17x r4 with 680M. Unfortunately since yesterday i am getting BSODs anytime i try to even access the dedicated 680M GPU. Starting any game or even starting the nvidia control panel and going to the 3D settings which renders the nvidia logo will cause a BSOD. I can't even downlock the GPU, everytime i try in nvidia inspector, it BSODs.

I have tried reinstalling the driver, upgrading the driver, downgrading the driver, starting in A/C power both with and without battery, starting in battery only, shutting it down and leaving it for about 12 hours and nothing seems to fix this.

Here is the imgur album of my BSODs (getting different numbers each time): http://imgur.com/a/wwRZp .

If this is indeed graphics card failure, is there anyway i can get this repaired? I know i'm out of warranty, but does dell do repairs for payment? Unfortunately I'm a student at the near end of my studies and i'm flat broke so buying a new card is out of my budget [Around 200$].

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer me!

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3 things:

1. If the heatsink is full of dust and the thermal paste on the gpu is hard, then you might have fried the gpu.


2. If not, try get a new vbios for your card. (vbios is a bios only for the graphics card, so if it screws up you only screw up the gpu, not your motherboard)


3. If it's fried, try search on how to bake your graphics card. Yes bake! Put it in the oven a bake it. Sometimes if something has been burned over, it can solder it back again.

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Usually a blue screen BSOD might mean its dead, how ever try starting in safe mode and click devices panel and see if there is a yellow traingle icon on your 680, display adpater. if so its prob. fried and youll need to get a new one. Best of luck.

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