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Laser cut search - Looking for dead GPU with GK104 core

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As the title says, I'm looking for a dead GK104. It doesn't need to be dead, but it won't look too pretty when I'm done with it, and I don't want to pay what a live card warrants. The reason is I think I found the laser cuts that disable cores on my dead 680m, but need a non-680m to compare with to verify this. If this is confirmed then I know what to look for on maxwell cards, possibly unlocking 980m and 970m cards.


I spent a lot of time trying to see if Nvidia no longer did laser cuts, and came to the conclusion that they still do, so now I want to see if I can find them.


Acceptable cards: k3000m, k3100m, k4000m, k4100m, k5100m, 675mx, 780m, 880m, 680, k5000, or anything with a GK104 that has a a different CUDA core count than the 680m.


What I suspect are laser cuts are the 5 small squares in a group on the left side middle of the packaging. Without the insulating coating removed they are invisible, while all other markings are visible through the coating. I believe these laser cuts break a ground connection that would otherwise pull signals to low voltage in an underlying layer. I want to see another card first though before looking for them on my 980m.




Also I did quite a bit of damage to this gpu by sanding off the protective coating (look at the edges). A chemical means would likely be preferable.

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interesting, so are you saying that with a bit of work, you can enable all the cores that are potentially there?

you may want to contact one of the resellers directly, im sure they have a bin somewhere.

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@Khenglish you don't happen to need another 680m right? Cause mine died and even reflowing prolonged it's life by only a week. Now if the card is installed in my Clevo x7200 the notebook won't power on (when I push the start button every led blinks for half a second then turns off again).

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i have an gtx 980m 8gb for parts , according too the lastest teste ,i made before aquire my gtx 1070m , the pcb is dead de bga chip is good .
have too menction .that , gpu had suffer 2 attempts too repair pcb , but no sucess 

Send me DM ,if interested . 

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