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Clevo HDMI Not Working


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My Sager NP9752-S / Clevo P750ZM will not recognize external monitor on HDMI port (I know monitor and cable work as I can use from a different laptop).


Additionally, cannot enter the BIOS after having replaced the original Nvidia Quadro K1100M GPU with a Quadro K5100M. If I put in the original K1100M I can access the BIOS. But when I put in the K5100M it shoots straight into Windows.


Someone mentioned previously something about UEFI. I am running Windows 7. How do I know if I have UEFI?


So 2 issues:


1) Do I need to enable the HDMI port in the BIOS?

2) Why can't I access the BIOS any more?





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Windows 7 does not use UEFI boot, but if you plug your K1100M you can enter BIOS and check what is the boot type.

There´s no option to enable or disable HDMI in BIOS.

You probably need to flash another vbios. Prema shoudl be able to post the correct one.

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Success!!!  Thanks ObsidianPC for your help.




1) Download CLEVOK5100M.zip

2) Download NVFlash 5.278.0 for Windows. Since I had the issue of not being able to enter the bios setup to change the boot order, decided to use nvflash for windows as opposed to the recommended nvflash for dos.

3) Create the folder c:\nvflash and copy the rom and nvflash files to it.

4) From Windows Device Manager disable the display adapter

5) Start command prompt (Run as administrator)

6) Change directory to c:\nvflash

7) Type the command: "nvflash64 -6 clevok5100m.rom" (type without the quotes). I have W7 64-bit Pro, so typed "nvflash64" instead of "nvflash"

8) Type 'y' 2 times when nvflash asks to continue

9) Wait for nvflash completion. In my case, received the message: "Firmware image has been updated from version 80.04.C9.00.04 to 80.04.DB.00.03"

10) Exit command prompt

11) Back into Windows Device Manager, re-enable the display adapter

12) Reboot computer


Everything seems to work fine.


And now can enter bios on power-up (pressing F2).



Still cannot connect hdmi to external monitor.


Any ideas?

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