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Help!! MSI GE60 0ND, GTX 560ti 448, exp gdc beast v8


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Hi everyone. I have a problem and i hope someone can help me.

First of all i give u some information about my system:



MSI GE60 0nd

i7 3630qm

gtx 660m

Samsung ssd




latest custom Bios Version (10F) from Svet (For turning off the dgpu )



Windows 10 64bit

Nvidia drive 364.72


External Stuff:

Power Supply be quit 530W

Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 448

EXP GDC V8.0 with mPCI-E Standard




So lets start:


My problem is that when i run benchmarks or games. Only the igpu is loading. The egpu stays at 0%

My egpu is full recognized by my notebook. I see the name and also the clock oft he egpu. Sometimes when i start the game. the clock from the egpu goes from 741 MHZ to 51 MHZ. I do not why … :-S. I also set the physics process to the egpu and the 3d settings to nvidia  high performanceprocessor, but without success. P.S The external display is also not responsing.





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