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Y510P - USB not showing up in BIOS


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Hi guys! So recently, I've been trying to make the BIOS Whitelist mod by svl7 work, because I really need to downvolt my GPU's but nVidia Inspector just won't let me.

I've been able to follow the steps correctly until I reached the step where you were required to boot up the modded BIOS using a formatted USB.

The problem was that the USB didn't show up in the BIOS and boot options, even though I formatted the USB correctly to FAT32. 

Also, I'm running Windows 10, if that helps. Anyone know why this is? If so, please help me. Thanks :)

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Like Jnewton4444, I used the usb ports on the left and was able to flash the bios on my Y500 last night and I had no issues either. Have you tried a different brand usb drive?

I was just looking at my Y500 bios settings and I saw a setting in the boot section that allows usb boot to be enabled or disabled, have you checked that on your laptop yet???

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