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Hey Everyone,


I'm looking for some testers to see if we can get LEGACY SUPPORT for the m17xR4.  

Furthermore, I've also done MANY updates on this bios, too...  


I updated RAID (EFI & LEGACY) to v12.9.0.2006 (This may need to be downgraded as the chipset you have may NOT support this raid version, but this is the latest version that will work IF youre running RAID.  It also supports TRIM in RAID0.  If you are not running raid, I can update to v13 if you want, but we need to test one at a time!)

Updated GOP Drivers & GOP Policy

Updated vbios from 2098 to 2171

Updated Microcode for all cpu's

Added M.2 Support

Added NvMe support

Updated Atheros Lan Firmware & PXE Boot Firmware

Updated To Possibly Give Legacy Support, BUT.......




Please contact me if you want to try.  Understand, HOWEVER, that  am NOT responsible for ANYTHING that happens to your system if it goes wrong.

(Just a SMALL disclaimer, heh)




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hi, i have m17x r4 and i use legacy mode.... (i havent uefi set in bios).


are u referring to that ?

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Hello, can I test your mod bios for m17x R4.

I'd be very glad to be a tester.

Thank you,

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If this project is not dead @Swick1981 I can help testing - have a spare M17x R4, GTX 970m and eeprom programmer so can easily recover from any bad flashes :-)


Kind Regards,



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