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Laptops with a Desktop GTX 980 SLI

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Dear Members,

I just want to create this Topic to list all laptop systems supporting (2X) Desktop GTX 980 SLI, and all information related to them, technical, pricing and reviews. In the same time, it will help me and other respected members to decide which one should we buy.


1- MSI GT80S Titan Skylake, SLI GTX980 Desktop GPU




2- New Asus ROG GX800 watercooled Gaming-Laptop


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We are waiting for all brands to innocence supporting desktop SLI's, no one except MSI until now.  There are many concerns about it, like power consumption and performance limitations.

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5 hours ago, Dr. AMK said:

Asus ROG GX800 watercooled Gaming-Laptop


As far as I know all above mentioned notebooks are somewhat crippled, because of insufficient power supply.


- MSI GT80S: is suffering from only accepting ONE 330W power brick which results in battery draining as additional power source to sustain the components power draw under heavy load. Not so good imo, cause you aren't able to unleash the full potential of the 980's.


- Asus ROG GX800: "Same" here! As long it is docked, it should be fine, but as soon as you want it portable the same as MSI's Titan: Only one power brick with restrictions in power Management, which makes it rather useless as beeing a "notebook".


Would love to see some SLI Pascal power in the P570WM! Well, let's see, if MXM 3.0b will become obsolete or not....

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