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2013 rMBP 15 + GTX 970 + Win10 + AKiTio (problem)

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Hello everyone.

First of all, thanks for this community that has helped me so much building up my eGPU.


My set:

Late 2013 rMPB 15 - All maxed

GTX 970 G1 Gaming

AKiTio Thunder2



After running through a lot of problems with booting the machine with the video card connected I finally found a way that I can constantly to successfully boot into Win10.

I needed to give up on the riser and use the power supply from the AKiTio in order to start up the system with everything connected except the EVGA 600W turned off.

After going through my DIY eGPU 1.30 I can turn on the PSU and the video card is perfectly detected. I run over some probleems on the DIY eGPU 1.30, screen freezes and some errors sometimes, but it seems to be fine since I'm able to successfully boot to Windows10 and find my Video Card running properly.

The problem is:

Everytime I run a game like CS:GO or the 3DMark normal test my PSU immediately turns off and everything gets messed up.

When I log after I usually get an error 43 on my Device Manager, which disappear after I restart the system doing the necessary steps with the DIY eGPU 1.30 to boot the system.


I tried with the riser (Needed to do the trick of boot with alt pressed and connect eGPU after 3 seconds) but the same happens when I tried to load the 3DMark test.


Thank in advance for the help!

PS: I'm a very beginner on technology in general.



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I tried changing for different drivers but still the same result.

Soon I'm going to get a new PSU and check if the problem continuous.

So far it only stops when I try playing 3d games.

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Using two PSUs at the same time is really bad. You might get ground loops and bring the AKiTiO PSU over it's limits.

The Gigabyte G1 Gaming is the worst thing you can do to your AKiTiO PSU, because the G1 draws A LOT of power through the PCIe slot, which is currently fed by the underpowered AKiTiO PSU.

You must use a barrel plug mod or a powered riser (riser have the risk to cause problems) to power the AKiTiO and the PCIe slot.

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