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15'' Sony Vaio SVS15115FBB + GTX 960 2G + BEAST EXP GDC v8.3 mPCI-e


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Anyone can help me?


I purchased a Beast EXP GDC eGPU dock and now I'm trying to make this work.

I'm having problems when I try to Run Compaction, it isn't showing solution for me, images in https://imgur.com/a/ARMaO


My setup is 


Sony Vaio SVS15115FBB

Core I7 3520M

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Nvidia GT640M 1G



Beast eGPU EXP GDC v8.3 mPCI-e


Please, help me

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This is implementation Guide ( Successful implementations on PC notebooks )

You should post it in provisional guide subforum ( These guides are a work in progress )


But it's okay. Nando will move this thread, immediately.


According your images 



your TOLUD are 2.24Gb

eGPU cannot retrieve memory if the TOLUD is below 3.00Gb


You must fix it via DSDT Override

Here's the guide :





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