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Replacing 35W CPU with 45W one


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I have a Probook 6570b with i5-3210m cpu on HM76 chipset. According to the compatinility chart, this chipset supports some 45W cpu as well, like i7-3840qm. Is it possible to replace the recent 35W cpu  with that one, or that requires different psu on the laptop?

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Well the first google suggest 35W only:



And the HP forums:



Theres a chance that it will work anyway, the cpu just clocks down and runs slower, it won't set on fire if that's your question.. but is it worth it? 4 Threads vs 4 Cores?


Look at this:



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One fact to HP: If they offer two different mainboards for your system (one for dual- and one for quadcores) you may run a quadcore on a dual core board. I am doing this with my 8770w since 4 months now without any problems. I think, the dual core board just misses two memory sockets.

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