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Really long question...HDMI-RJ45-WIFI-RJ45-HDMI

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Okay guys got a real tech question for ya!

Will this device ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/E-SDS-Extender-Converter-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B017D1V1WO/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1454156125&sr=8-17&keywords=hdmi+transmitter )  transmit from HDMI transmitter to Wi-Fi extender RJ45 Receiver to Wi-Fi RJ45 transmitter (In another room) to HDMI Receiver and still get perfect 1080p quality with very little loss?


Really good question, don't ya think?

It's cheaper than the Fibre optic route but also no (HDMI + Audio) cables to the TV..

Thanks Spot...

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That's more of a media converter then a protocol converter, I don't think you could send that over WiFi.  While it's using an RJ45 cable it's not using Ethernet standards. So no WiFi access point or switch will understand what's plugged in.  We had something like this in our conference room a long time ago, though the devices we had were for VGA.  


When looking for something that could use WiFi to transmit the HDMI signal, I would check the specs closely for latency.  Anything that uses 802.1(Ethernet standards) will introduce lag into the video. 


That looks like an interesting device though, and a pretty good price for it. might be worth investigating, but keep in mind you will need to run a cat6/7 cable. and I wouldn't think there would be any lag but that all depends on what they are doing behind the scenes.


Hope that helps.

Also It just dawned on me you posted that back in January and now it's September. LOL Well hope it helped anyways.

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A better option would be o use a HDMI Balun over Cat6A cable. Don't rely on wireless, it will present latency and data loss. Run over a CAT6a cable at 10GBit (F/FTP if possible)





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How long of a run of Cat 6 cable will you need?  Without an in-line signal booster, the farthest you can send a digital signal with no signal loss is about 100m at 20 °C.  However, that loss increases as temperature increases at a fairly significant rate.  However, since I assume you're running this in your home, you won't have a total run of more than 300 ft.  One thing you do need to think about is if you're transmitting to multiple receivers, you will need to split that run distance max for each split in your run.  Again, this likely isn't an issue due to it being an indoor run of cable (I assume).  However, one thing to keep in mind is RF interference from other signals, so you will want to make sure that your Cat 6 wire is properly shielded and your connectors are installed correctly as RF interference can wreck havoc with digital signal transmission.

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