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gtx 770m upgrade m18x r1

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I'm having an issue with upgrading my m18x r1 from a 560m to the 770m. After the install, I just get a blank lit screen. Any suggestions?

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    • By svl7
      Patched this together on request, M18x R1 BIOS A05 (unlocked) with the RST 11.5 OROM.
      The orom comes from the station-drivers site, not sure whether it will work fine with the M18x, though I don't really see why it shouldn't.
      Btw, something's weird with the original orom in the R1 BIOS, the checksum is wrong... confusing.
      Anyway, here's the BIOS, let me know how it performs. Also remember to use the latest RST driver for this ROM.
      Flash with your favorite BIOS utility or the tools provided by Dell.
      As always, use at your own risk.
      Download link:
    • By cody.castor
      Hi everyone. Got a quick question. I have an Alienware M18X R1 and I am looking to install a unlocked BIOS. However after searching the downloads section the only BIOS available is for the R2. Are those BIOS the same for both machines? I do not want to brick my rig on the very first BIOS mod attempt. Any help would be awesome.
    • By svard75
      Hi All, Newbie to tweaking here but work in IT so not fearful. Anyway bought an AW M18x R1 5 years ago early 11. At the moment I spec'd it out with dual SSD and the GTX560M thinking it would be good enough. Well these days it isn't so purchased the Dell GTX680M 2GB card. Tweaked the INF files, installed great in Windows 7. Upgraded to Windows 10, tweaked the INF files again and installed drivers. All is well games play well. I'm not into benchmarking so don't have any tools installed except for GPU-z. What's confusing me is GPU-z is reporting my PCIe 2.0 [email protected] 1.1. I execute the ? and run the test for a while. Even in full screen it's pretty smooth. Exit still @8x 1.1. Close down the program and relaunch still @8x 1.1. I had the 240W PSU and upgraded to the 330W PSU. Re-ran the GPU-z test and still @8x 1.1. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? I sent a bug report to GPU-z just in case if it's something with Windows 10 that doesn't allow the demo to bump the PCIe bus speeds. Games seem to work only marginally better than my GTX560M.
      Cheers for any feedback/ideas/knowledge.
    • By PutanaMalaka
      Hello everybody!
      Will heat sinks from Alienware M18x R2 physically fit in Alienware M18x R1?
      I have 2 x AMD 6970M. I have read that heat sinks from R2 are better. I do not know which parts will be the best.
      Right Side Video Card Heatsink
      For R1: DP/N: 29NC1 029NC1 AT16L0010F0, AT0FM00A0C0

      For R2: DP/N: 8J8TM, 08J8TM, AT0MI0040C

      LEFT Side Video Card Heatsink
      For R1: DP/N: 0Y8T9Y, AT0FM0070F0

      For R2: DP/N: V4NXK, 0V4NXK, AT0MI0010C0

      Taking this opportunity, which is better to add to M18x R1: two graphics cards AMD AMD 6970M or one 7970M?
      Could anyone help me?
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