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Alienware 18 980m SLI (Upgraded) performance issues.


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Specs: 4900MQ, 16Gb, 980m SLI.


I recently upgraded my GPU from 780m SLI to 980m SLI.


I am facing performance issues. I had very low passmark 43xx, I mainly play dota 2 and with my 780m sli, i used to get around 120FPS on medium settings. 

With the new 980m sli i am getting anywhere from 80fps to 30fps on highest settings. And FPS is not stable at all. If i even drop the settings to medium or low I still get the same fps. 

I got the latest drivers for everything and made sure that SLI is turned on. 


I am missing anything? Any help would be appreciated. 

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I think i am facing fan issues. This problem is mentioned in this thread http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/alienware-18-fan-temp-issues.741304/


But the link for the solutions is broken. Mr.Foxs link does not work. It supposed to show how to configure HwInfo64 settings to get the fan working. 


Please anyone help. 


Thank you.

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When they switched from vBulletin to Xenforo it broken tons of things, including links that now point to dead-ends throughout the forum.


I think this is the post you are looking for:  Circumventing Alienware 18 BIOS Overclocking Limitations and Implementing Manual Fan Controls


The key to getting manual fan control is having the SW SMI box checked. See the album linked below for more details.




It has screen shots that show how to set up HWiNFO64 for manual fan controls. Here is what was posted:


Edit: 05/21/2014
The most compelling reason to "upgrade" to A07 is manual fan control. In spite of the undesirable lock-down to BIOS menus, the manual fan controls are too compelling to get hung up on the BIOS problems. Since you can still overclock using XTU and ThrottleStop (see album above) it's worth flashing A07 to gain the ability to manage overclocked temperatures more effectively. Here's a quick pictorial guide to using HWiNFO64. The last image is an "at a glance" guide to set up manual fan controls on the Alienware 18 with A07.

See this album: HWiNFO64 Setup Steps for help with fan controls. You will end up with this:



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