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P771DM-G and G-SYNC at 75 Hz possible?


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Hi all,


I finally stopped being a lurker here because now own a Batman 2.0 (P771DM-G) since a week!

(Santech rebranded). Great machine, I'd say. It comes with the 970M flavour.


What I'm wondering, though, is:

IS IT POSSIBLE to raise the G-SYNC refresh rate for games up to the maximum specification of the screen? 

(possibily without touching VBIOS and such)

So far I couldn't bring it beyond 60 Hz in-game.


Those are my attempts, so far:


- I Created a custom resolution for the screen in the NVIDIA Contorl Panel: 1920x1080 @ 75 Hz

- It seems to work (specific websites do recognize the panel refresh at 75-ish Hz)

- Activated G-SYNC (for full screen only) in NVIDIA the CP

- Disabled Shadowplay (turning it on does the same, btw), just to be sure its 60FPS recording wasn't the limiting factor

- Then start a Full Screen game, for example Team Fortress 2 (with all max settings, as like as GeForce experience allows)

- Turn V-Sync Off in the game (Turning it On does not change anything in that regard)




The game is G-SYNC'd at 60 Hz (SIXTY HERTZ), instead of 75. :geek: SMH


Is there a known and easy way to force max-Refresh Rate under G-SYNC at the real max Refresh of the Panel (75 Hz)??


And by the way here is a mini-review of that baby, showing the "problem" I'm facing:



Thanks for any help,



EDIT: wrong Model. It's a P771DM-G.

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Oh, thanks StoneTrap! I'll give it a check.


From what I'm seeing in the thread of the creator I should just use the DETAILED RESOLUTION block, right?

  • Use detailed resolutions to define custom refresh rates at the native resolution.

Did you create a new Entry in the Detailed Resolution block or modified the existing one?


And about the Custom Extension block, the creator says:

  • NVIDIA users must choose "Custom extension block" for custom resolutions to work properly.

Did you select this, even if only modifying the DETAILED RESOLUTION?


Thanks in advance. I'd rather prefer avoid getting stuck with a black screen after applying... O:)

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yeah you have to use the detailed resolution block, just copy the exisiting 60hz entry by doubleclicking it and press "copy" there on the top, then close the window and press "Add..." then "...Paste" and edit the value you want in the lower Frequency > Refresh Rate box. And no you don't have to use the Custom extension block, at least i didn't had to, i think it's only for the 256byte EDID screens.

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Thanks Scerate! I did exactly what you said and it worked wonderfully! :hyper:


There should be a STICKY POST for that, because any Clevo is shipped with a 75 Hz monitor but NVIDIA drives that at only 60 Hz G-SYNC so I don't see why anyone should even avoid reaching what the tech in this machine is able to.

Problem solved!

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