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Ark: Survival Evolved Performance Test on Xbox One


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Digital Foundry re-tested Ark: Survival Evolved on an Xbox One after the developer made some performance improvements and unfortunately the results are still less than spectacular. This isn't really much of a surprise as the game has always performed pretty poorly even on powerful PCs such as my own Titan X setup. If you've never heard of Ark: Survival Evolved before, it is an open world sandbox game that takes place on an island full of dinosaurs where you are free to gather resources, build bases, tame dinosaurs and attack other player built bases. In concept it is similar to other open world games like Rust but this game just runs a lot worse. 



Performance is also a big problem in both of the work-in-progress builds we've tested. The initial release failed to move beyond 30fps in our test clips, often lurching way below the desired target. Ark is often plagued with momentary stutter that can range from 100ms all the way up to 500ms - a split-second, intrusive freeze-frame effect. On top of that, the developers are running with a completely unlocked frame-rate with v-sync disabled, meaning that screen-tear is a constant companion throughout the adventure. A couple of days ago, the developers updated the game with bug fixes, more content and promises of improved performance and fewer stalls. There are boosts in both areas, but it's still in need of serious work in achieving a consistent level of performance throughout the game. The game is crying out for a 30fps cap with an adaptive v-sync solution. Romps through swampland on both builds can see frame-rate dip well below 20fps, illustrating just how much of a challenge the developers face in getting Ark: Survival Evolved into shape.


You can watch Digital Foundry's video review below:



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