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This will be a working log of features added/removed/modified from Tech|Inferno forums. Please bookmark/follow this post to stay up-to-date on feature specific changes made to this forum. If you have a feature in mind, you can submit it in our feedback thread.




New Features:


Activity Stream enhancements:

  • The filter dropdowns now have an "Apply" button for better usability (previously you had to click outside the dropdown).
  • The "Expanded/Collapsed" toggles are now clearer.
  • Hitting back from a clicked item in any activity stream now remembers your position and loaded results.




  • Platform update including a large amount of bug fixes and security updates. 
  • Please let us know if you run into any issues after today's update.




Previous updates:


Features Added:


Anchor links:




Table of contents:





Anchor 1







Anchor 2








Anchor 3




Known issues:


  • The old link editor will pop up in addition to the new one if you double click on a link. You can use either one to edit the link but if you started w/the new one, it's best to use that. Test it out, let us know if it works well for you and if it does, we'll keep it. If not, we'll pull it. 






More features added for the e-GPU crowd and others:

  • Cell coloring for tables
  • Lots more editing features for table rows/cells - Press control + right click over a table for editing menu
  • Custom colors + increased color palette for text
Table Header with bg color
table table
table table


When making a table, please be sure to set width as a percentage rather than in pixels so that it scales properly in mobile view. For example. the default size is 500px, instead replace it with 50%. 

Tables are now set at 50% width by default. Please always use percentages when modifying table widths. Those based on pixel sizes from this point forward will be deleted by us without notice.




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