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RAIL GUN FPS Gaming Controller Kickstarter Campaign


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Every avid PC fps player has dreamed of being in the thick of the action in a more simulated way than a keyboard and mouse provides. With the promise of VR like Oculus and HTC Vive, we're supposed to be taking the first steps towards that reality although they both still leave a lot to be desired for those that want to hold an item physically and manipulate it in real time. 


Hexus has an article about a small group of avid fps players and developers called UzBrainnet that want to fill that gap with their RAIL GUN controller via their Kickstarter campaign. According to UzBrainnet's biography, they're a team of engineers who are obsessed with popular FPS games like Counter Strike that want to bring the feeling of shooting a real gun to the genre. 



UzBrainnet has had a profound love for FPS Games starting with an obsession with Counter Strike that grew into a life time of gaming. With a team of engineers with years of experience in the gaming sector, UzBrainnet set out to finally create an FPS game controller that mirrored the feeling of shooting a real gun. After years of development and testing on the full line of current FPS games, UzBrainnet is incredibly excited to announce the RAIL GUN which is equipped with their patented FR (Fast Rotation) Technology.


They do this by offering four separate attachments or "units" for an airsoft gun that connect wirelessly via USB and can be used on nearly every platform including PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and even in conjunction with Oculus. UzBrainnet claims that the RAIL GUN employs special  "Fast Rotation" algorithms that allow you to turn 180 or 360 degrees naturally without that awkward feeling typically associated with other motion sensing technologies. In addition to motion sensing, because the RAIL GUN kit attaches to an actual airsoft gun that typically has it's own recoil and sound, you end up with a fully immersive experience. 




As for game compatibility, it purports to be compatible with a wide assortment of FPS games that include Call of Duty, Star Wars: Battlefront, Destiny, Battlefield Hardline and many others and can be used by nearly anyone ranging from an FPS beginner to enthusiast. 




The following is their official Kickstarter campaign video that shows off the device in action and another gameplay video of a stormtrooper playing Battlefront:



What the Kickstarter campaign doesn't mention is what kind of latency one should expect with the RAIL GUN but looking at the Battlefront video above, it is easy to pick up on the slight lag between the person moving the gun and the on screen action. If the campaign is successful, perhaps the development team will continue to improve upon this to minimize any latency since that is one key factor in nearly any FPS game. 


With 21 days left in the campaign and nearly $27,000 raised out of the $100,000 goal, it has a decent chance of succeeding. The cost of entry for one of the finished RAIL GUN units is $165. 

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