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Member Introduction Thread - Post Here!

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Hello all,
Found my way to this forums, by googling the problem of throttling on my new gpu . I have a sli 880m and alot of people are saying I need the vbios to unlock its true potential.
I have a bit of experience with moderating computers, but more on the hardware side rather than programming. i have swopped my old sli gtx 780m on the 880m and now think that it is more of a pain in the a**
Notebook: alienware 18

would prefer some help from you on how to fix the problems

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Hello everyone here,


I came here looking for informations about upgrading my Alienware M17xR4. This is a 2012 laptop and I want to keep it again for something like 1 or 2 years so I want to upgrade it a little. I already upgraded CPU, RAM, changed HDD and SSD, in a few days I'll reveive a new GPU and a mSATA SSD which will be used as cache for HDD. Next year I think I'll buy a new laptop with 6820HK and GTX 1070, if prices will decrease but until then I want to play my games with high settings so a little overclock will be required, so I have a few things to ask. Thanks all for sharing knowledge.

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Hi everyone!


I found this forum looking for informations about modding on my pc, an Acer Predator 15. I wanted to replace the vbios with a custom one in order to unlock voltage controls and clock limits (my laptop has a gtx 970m 3gb) and I instantly received support from the modders, even if I haven't been promoted yet and I can't access to the files I need. Anyway I'm really interested in joining this community and I hope I'll feel good here, maybe one day I could be more useful to the other members. Thank you for the help.

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I'm looking to get into bios modding again, (mostly gpu modding but possibly some mobo bios modding as well). Last time I did this sort of thing it was when I unlocked the shaders on my HD6950!
Hoping to get back on my feet with this community

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