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Member Introduction Thread - Post Here!

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My name is Benjamin and I am an W370ST owner.

I love and hate this laptop. I love that I was a lot cheaper than most

brand with the specs I have and the battery still lasts a long time.

What I don't like is the fan that sounds like an aeroplane...but I read

that the prema mod makes it a little less lound. After my 5 posts I will

try it.

The other downside is the HDMI and USB ports on the right side of the

laptop that sometimes don't work.

But overall I am happy and looking forward for the bios update.

Also a [Prostar] W370ST owner here. Hardware-wise, I got it for a great deal close to 2 years ago. Like you stated, the fan is a pain, but regularly cleaning the fan vents will help mitigate its effects. I hope that the BIOS update will help further reduce the unnecessary fan noise.

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Hi I'm new here. I came here searching info about certain laptop models and nvidia 9XX overclocking. I'm from Poland and currently owner of old dell L702x which will be swapped to something better (970M in mind).

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Hi people of TechInferno forums

I came here looking for bios mods available for my current rig (Y510P, GT755m SLI), because I cannot bear the bad wifi link on my laptop anymore. Lenovo chose to whitelist certain wifi cards only, for FCC approval, and the user has to get out of their way, into the land of Bios Mdding, to make the stuff that is supposed to work properly out of the box.

But computers are my thing, so i think i will have some fun here :)


EDIT: Removed double post in a single post due to the said "wifi link problem"

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Hello folks, my name is Jose and I work with radio and television in India, but now everything I do is online.

I love messing around with hardware and firmware to see how much it can be pushed :) and that's why I ended up here.

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Hello everyone I've joined the forum in search of gt60 bios unlocking. I currently have upgraded my cpu to the 3940xm and would like to play with the voltages being that it tops out at around 88C during synthetic workloads.

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Hey I'm here to experiment with giving my 660M new life. Found a modded vbios on this forum, looking to apply an extreme 400Mhz overclock as other users have reported rather stable behaviour. As a result I have joined the forums to ensure that I can supplement that bios with knowledge and the fallback in the event of trouble

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